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3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars presents "Disposable Heroes"

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3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars presents "Disposable Heroes"

Disposable Heroes - Forum

2088 CE

A second meteor attack by the Enemy in the Pollack System has left the planet in chaos, nuclear winter, and deprivation set in as the planet mourns the loss of the Levant Region. On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Moscow strike, the alien menace has changed the surface of the Earth.

The Newly Formed United Earth Citizens Federation in response to hostilities, ramped up its recruiting efforts post the 2038 strike on Moscow, has now, declared, Operation Can't Wait Any Longer.

Operation CWAL, is a mass mobilization of the UECF Space Forces, a planned invasion, and colonization of the alien world.

You are these troopers. Veteran and grizzled killers, but fresh to the horrors of interstellar warfare. This is the 3rd Battalion, 16th Brigade. These are their stories.



A Retrofuturistic sci-fi, involving manifest destiny to take what the eye can see. It is the inevitable consequence of consumerism meets an ability to navigate the stars.

In Space, where resources are infinite, humans will still choose war. The atrocities we will commit in the name of progress can't even be predicted at this point. Our power as a species has undergone, yet another, metamorphosis. With the advent of the digital frontier, the reality of extending our influence to the stars becomes a matter of currency, not time.

But this game will assume that we have stopped here. As of 12/1/2018. For whatever reason, technology stopped advancing. Instead, we developed a hyperspace engine, the Hawking Dispersion Drive. A device, that compresses space-time, using Hawking Radiation. This combined with the Miracle of Elon Musk's Neurallink, which was developed to allow the human consciousness not only to be uploaded but seamlessly interface with integrated systems. Finally, combined with quantum encryption, we did discover how to upload consciousness. This makes troopers effectively immortal.

I'll take whoever completes a character and makes an application. I am willing to run the game with as few as 3 players. Make a post in the Roster Thread using the given information.

Again, the System is 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

See you in hell warfighter,

Game Description:

Disposable Heroes follows the story of 3 Battalion, 16th Brigade, a squad of undesirables and counter cultural's, kill-happy, and putting their lives on the line to defend Earth from the Alien Threat. Equipped with the latest and greatest technologies, these brave warriors put themselves in harm's way to meet, and kill, interesting new things.

Back to the meaning of life.

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With Voluntary Service at an all-time low, the UECF is offering a 20% credit stipend to those who enlist for special branches such as the infantry. Enlist with the heroic fighters of the UNSC 3:16 and fight for Earth.

I'm interested in 3:16. It's always been an interesting system, and I like the genre and tone that it has.

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