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Greyhawk Gestalt 586

Greyhawk Gestalt 586 - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Greyhawk 3.5e

Gestalt Campaign

Roll scores using 4d6 drop the lowest and roll two sets, pick better one
Level 5th with max HP for 1st level and half plus one for each level 2 to 5
Gestalt: Pick two classes and combine best of them
Races: Standard only
Materials: PHB, PHB II, DMG, DMG II, Frostburn, Stormscape, Sandstorm, Unearthed Arcana, Arms and Equipment Guide, Complete Warrior, Complete Divine, Complete Adventurer, Complete Arcane
Players: Only looking for 1 more
Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Posting: Once every other day
No 3rd party stuff
Experience Playing: I prefer players who have at least 1 year with 3.5
No Drow race or Warlock class allowed

Game Description:

Greyhawk in 586 CY, a time of struggles for many nations. It is into this mix of possible war anew, that PCs find themselves in Furyondy. Iuz, the evil demigod, is threatening to re-ignite the war with Furyondy and PCs must help to save King Belvor and his nation.

PCs can expect tough challenges, powerful monsters and great rewards. The political fate of Furyondy hangs in the balance and King Belvor has trusted you with helping his nation. Do you have the courage to stand against the forces of Iuz?

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