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Phantom Manor seeks some more guests

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Phantom Manor seeks some more guests

Phantom Manor - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hi guys SMARTAgentKC here

So yeah I whipped this little high level game on the request of some players. It didn't need an ad because it was going to be a bit of a private game

But now we're down to three players just as the first chapter came to a close and I'm thinking "boy could use at least one more."

So now I've opened it to the public,

D&D 5e, Level 12, Point Buy with all official sources including UA

Don't be scared we're just attending a wedding ball

Ain't my fault it's filled with ghosts and all

Game Description:

A mansion on a lonely hill
A singing bride with a remarkable will
A masked man with a marked face, haunting her dreams
A sorcerer with a devious plan to bring the world to its knees
A gaggle of ghosts and ghouls both friend and foe
A young reaper aiming to go toe to toe
A call for aid for souls of light
"Come help me my friends, the time is right."
"help me save the Phantom Manor from a blight."
"An evil awakens this hallowed night."
"Please stand with me and fight."
"only together we can combat evil's might"

Looks interesting - what kind of characters are you looking for? Also, how are you handling HP?

Please! Join us!

We have:
  • a human death cleric
  • a tabaxi fighter battlemaster / bard college of swords
  • a sun elf rogue arcane trickster

For the most part, Storywise I'm looking for characters that in the end will do the right thing.

Character backstory doesn't have to be heavily detailed but if it helps create your character then go for it.

Mostly I'm just looking for people who want to play in a high level D&D 5e game

Racial requirements (like elf/half-elf for bladedancer) in effect or ignored?

No matter what..... old aged character incoming.

What is the current group hoping to get?
Seems like there is already Tanky Support, Magical Thievery, and Deathly Divine. More frontline? More heals?

never played a high level before...all the games I've been in ended before level 8

I've had a really cool concept for an Aven (planeshift: Dominaria) ranger for a while but most DMs don't like allowing it because it's considered UA would that be cool with you?


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