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Adventure Path Looking for Players

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Adventure Path Looking for Players

Against the Aeon Throne - Forum

I'm looking for six players for the Against the Aeon Throne Adventure Path, a series of modules which involve the players unwittingly falling afoul of the Azlanti Empire and promises to involve a prison break and the an attempt to prevent the Azlanti Empire from rediscovering technology that could lead to the end of the cold war that is the current status-quo of the Pact Worlds, the Vesk and the Azlanti Empire.

Character creation rules and some supplemental information is available within the game forum, please create characters in the Characters subforum in your own threads with the threads set to public (the default state when you set up threads) and use the threads available as necessary!

Game Description:

Not much is known in the Pact Worlds about the Azlanti Star Empire, as all attempts to contact this culture descended from an ancient civilization from Golarion have been met with violence. After several bloody encounters, the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium have resolved to maintain their distance from the Azlanti Star Empireís self-declared territory and keep an eye out for any threats of invasion. This policy has kept both systems safe for several decades.

The balance of power threatens to shift, however, when the discovery of a crashed starship on a Pact Worlds colony in the Vast draws the attention of the sinister Star Empire. Not only do the Azlanti invade and annex the colony; they also retrieve an experimental starship drive from the vessel and kidnap the colonist who had been studying it. The drive dates back to before the Gap, when the Azlanti began studying interstellar travel to expand their reach. If the Star Empire can repair the device, it might be able to achieve travel times faster than those available with Drift engines, putting the entire galaxy within its grasp. Can the heroes rescue the colonist and keep the drive out of Azlanti hands, or will the might of the Star Empire crush them as it has so many others who have stood against the Aeon Throne?

Originally Posted by fairyboots View Post
Is this game accessible to players unfamiliar with Starfinder? I'm well-versed in Pathfinder 1E.
Without a doubt, it will be first level and using pretty normal character creation rules (only change is the amount of starting gear) so always a great place to start the rules are available online as well, legitimately, if you donít have access to the book(s). The one thing Iíd recommend is using a wider array of ability scores than you would normally because of the way Starfinder increases ability scores compared to Pathfinder.

I haven't played an L_X_D game since the Starship Troopers game in early '17.

I will put my hat in the ring

I've not selected any players so there's definitely room, follow the link above (or click here) to take you to the forum!


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