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Myth-Weavers Comics!

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Mutants and Masterminds 3e



We at Myth-Weaver Comics are trying to begin an original comics universe for the Mutants & Masterminds 3E, and we want you to help us! Be it as Gamemasters, Co-GMs, players, or just readers! What will it be?

You say a shared comics universe and campaign world, but what does that really mean?
It's Earth, generally but in the long-standing tradition of comics, new countries or the like can come to be with player or a GM suggesting its existing and helping us bring it to be by helping write it up.

What do I need to help GM?

A concept for the story you want to tell, the PL you want to run it at, and the 'level' of which you want it to be at. We'll have a GM sign-up thread to facilitate this, and the answer as to 'where' you want your campaign, or adventure, to take place in. After answering this and how long you want to open up your recruiting period, an 'applications' thread will be created for your story arc/'series'.

What do I need to play?

Read the GM Advertisements for series, write up your character, and play if you are chosen!

Can I request to have a solo campaign/series?

Yes, you can request as a player for a GM to GM you and your character, BUT you will only get priority on this if you are also GMing.

What do I get benefit wise from GMing?

Precedence on being accepted into a series/campaign over non-GMs, as a thanks for Gamemastering. This benefit only occurs up until the first time, though, if you already have an active player character you shouldn't very well get another one.

What is the PL of the campaign world?

It depends on the GM's themselves.

Do parties also have input on what their 'comic series' will be called?

Of course!

Game Description:

A superheroic shared campaign world and setting for multiple GMs and games for various Mutants & Masterminds 3E games here on Mythweavers.

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Agreed. Which I guess brings me to the next question.
Which is we just doing one character per person. (I'm find if that's the case)

Ether way I will most likely apply.

Originally Posted by CaptainsEyePatch View Post
Agreed. Which I guess brings me to the next question.
Which is we just doing one character per person. (I'm find if that's the case)

Ether way I will most likely apply.
For now, 1 PC per Player. Any more would be unfair especially given it all relies on GMs volunteering for any to play,.and having 2 PCs per player might stop a player eho could otherwise play from being able to play.

Open the gates!

Bumping this thread because we're trying to get things moving! Currently recruiting GMs as well as players! Come on in and see what you want to offer our budding super-society!


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