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Group of new Runners looking to fill out their team

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Group of new Runners looking to fill out their team

Into the Shadows - Forum

I am looking to fill in some vacancies that have popped up in my Shadowrun 4E game. The game has gone through two reboots already, so I'm hoping this third one will be the charm. The game focuses on a group of character who are brand new Runners on their first Run. As such, it's a little more on the low powered side of things. Right now the party consists of two hackers, a melee combat focused Troll adept, and a Jack of All Trades wheelman; so there are plenty of roles that could be filled. The new characters would be folded in as if they had been there the whole time.

I'm looking to pick up 1 or 2 people for this. All things considered I'd like to get things rolling again with the game after the holidays, so say about 2 weeks from now. The character generation guidelines are available in the game forum. I will say right off the bat that I'm not allowing Technomancers, and I'd prefer to keep mages to be a minimum and be of the healer/support variety. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Game Description:

Everyone's gota start somewhere. You think all those legendary Runners out there just popped out from between their mama's legs with a gun in each hand and a mind to cause mischief? Hell no, they started off just the same as everyone else omae, as complete nobodies. Do you think ol' FastJack new know to slice through the nastiest of IC and do some real wiz shit on the net the first time he ever logged on? Nope. Oh sure it's easier for some; money, security, a good teacher, or just plain old luck and you've gota better than average chance of making it farther faster. The luck is the real kicker. Been lots of poor sods out there over the years with plenty of smarts and determination that never make it past their first run because they get geeked by a lucky shot.

Some do it for prestige, others for the sheer thrill of it. Most do it for the money though. Cold hard nuyen. It's what makes the world go round. It's what makes nobodies into sombodies; what makes sane normal people risk their hoops doing some seriously illegal drek. Everyone's got their reasons, however noble, selfish or even the reverse of that as they might be. The only thing that really matters though, do you have what it takes to not just survive, but also thrive?

I guess we're going to find out. Welcome to the shadows omae.

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I've got an Anarchy mage character I can convert over to 4e. Not a literal conversion, more like a new character who happens to have the same name and back story.

Go ahead and toss up a thread in the char gen forum if you want in.

Do you mind players that are new to the system? I'm looking to expand my horizons. (So far, I've found Mutants and Masterminds pretty fun. It's one I'd recommend trying out if you get a chance, and if interested!)

While I'm not against players who have limited experience with the system, I really don't want to have to teach someone from scratch. I would say that if you are really interested, go ahead and try to create a character and see how that goes for you. SR has a TON of options, and I've found that char gen can be the first stumbling block for a lot of people. If you can get through char gen without too much trouble, then the system shouldn't be to hard for you to pick up.

Still plenty of room left for those who are interested. It would seem that all the new apps that I've gotten so far are all for the same thing, so there are plenty of roles that still need to be filled.

What was your deadline? I haven't actually played shadowrun since 1st ed, but I've made a few characters for 4th and 5th ed.


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