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What a terrible sector

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What a terrible sector

What a Terrible Sector - Forum
Dark Heresy


A sergeant glances over your unit of conscripts, and nods to the right. A shadow passes over you as you're marched off.


"Please follow the man in black."

So, who are you?

This is an 80's kitchen-sink sci-fi setting. Anything goes if it's human and low-powered. You tell me and i'll roll it up and give it to you.

Please come up with a character before you look at the rulebook and limit yourself to the rules. If you know more then about 30 seconds rant on 40k, vamoose. This is Dark Heresy 1st edition.

Die and you're out. Now post!

Game Description:

Galaxy-trotting down-and-dirty investigation.

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First of I am completely new to the site so please tell me if I am doing something wrong.

"In my experience the deadliest thing in the Imperium is not the Xeno, Heretic or Demon. It's a superior with a plan thats failproof."

My character had the great luck to see a little of the greater Imperium first hand, as part of the low life on board of a rogue trader ship. But my Lord Captain got increasingly careless with the life of his crew as he was pursuing the vast opportunities of profit. I lost some friends and family to my Captains adventures, some dead, even worse some quite literally lost in the emptiness of space.
So my character deserted when he got the chance, in the hopes to find a less dangerous life - if that is even possible in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium. He would consider getting conscripted into the guard to be just his kind of luck. If one of his superiors actually took the time to evaluate his skills instead of using him as grunt, he would find out that he has a little talent for tech realated things.

"Be still my Maiden's heart...."

Words oft heard muttered by one Lieutenant Maxamillian Hunter. You might find it odd, coming from the lips of a guardsman, but he is the orphaned son of a Sororitas and a Space Marine. So not only is his heart strong and pure, but his courage and might are unquestionable. His nickname, 'Mad Fox', has been spread far and wide, his mission reports read by powerful men over fine amnisac, sitting in such chairs as were thrones, in front of an open fire. You might also ask yourself, 'why Mad Fox? Mad Max works so much better!' But Max would just shake his head slowly, and reply, 'they would see it coming.'

Max 'Mad Fox' Hunter is an idiot. He's a capable Zap Bannigan (Futurama) without a hint of the cowardly streak. Whether or not true, he knows in his Maiden's heart that his mother was a Sister of Battle, and his father of the Ultramarines. Or Blood Angels. Or Space wolves...that one changes, but the fact of the matter is, his father was a man of true power and vision. He is gullible, he is arrogant (though tends to be humble about it) and nigh suicidal with his approach to many situations. But he means well. He puts his team above himself--because, after all, he is destined for greatness and will not die an insignificant death. This, he also knows to be true.

Gregarious, boisterous, and ever an optimist, Max is someone you want on your side. His plans may seem 'insane' to the uninitiated (read: anyone with half a brain), but they just always seem to work. Either through dumb luck, or tactical brilliance. He believes that those around him are also destined for greatness, if not maybe as high as his own greatness. But that's okay, you gave your best. He may use quotes and colloclialisms incorrectly, they they will always fit, however oddly.

The guardsman with the diamond smile and a maiden's heart: Lieutenant Max 'Mad Fox' Hunter.

(Rambled on a bit since I'm writing this on my phone over tiny little breaks at work. Please ignore. Also, if you like the concept, id actually love for you to make the character. I've played and run a ton of 1st Edition DH, and would love someone else's interpretation. Max, while a guardsman--the roll in-universe, not necessarily 'career' in game terms--, is charismatic as all getout. Other than that...idiot savant.)


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