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Seeking Brave Play Testers

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Seeking Brave Play Testers

ACE Games Playtest - Forum

Greetings Weavers!
I'm looking for one or two more brave fellows to give a go at playtesting a new, homebrew system I'm putting together. The link is below if you want to peruse the rules. A couple of comments up front on what I'm looking for...

1. Any genre though I would prefer to stay away from high fantasy or space opera. Dark and gritty is usually where I lurk with my games.
2. Solo preferred. Duo allowed so long as the players agree. The story will feed off of your background so make it a good one.
3. The rules may change as the game progresses.
4. I want, nay, I NEED your feedback. Be prepared for me to ask questions as we move along. Kind of like in The Princess Bride, the Pit of Dispair scene..."I just took three years off your does that make you feel?"
5. Looking for players who are interested in telling a story first, and roll playing second. I know that this is counter-intuitive to what I'm trying to accomplish but if we can't tell a good story along the way I'm going to lose interest. Read: This will not be an exercise ONLY in mechanics.

There you have it. Give the rules a look-see and, if interested, drop your concept here.


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Game Description:

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@yazata Okay, but having twin-souls doesn't exactly make a character. That could still fit into a lot of genres. What kind of story do you want to tell about this character?

Lord of the Rings is described as Epic High Fantasy. It is literally the basis for all other High Fantasy stories (or at least claimed to be by many writers of the genre).

I would be really interested in playing this in a dark fantasy too. I would be interested in playing this similar to an urban shadows game. A modern day city or area and focus on its darker dealings. If that is something you are interested in I would love to apply, I love the idea of political intrigue yet still having to utilize mechanics to get those more difficult things to move.

Funny that LotR is characterized as high fantasy, I would have put it at low as well. With high fantasy, I'm thinking of overly magic related worlds. Maybe Harry Potter is a better example? Even my D&D games I put major throttles on spellcasting as I prefer a darker, more gritty feel like LotR or GoT.
@yazata - The twin souls is a cool concept. Would give me a chance to play with the Sanity attribute a little bit. Would the two souls be contesting for the body (Hulk/Banner or Venom) or is there more of a mutual agreement? What genre are you aiming for?
@Joshua Dolphin - Cool idea. I've never played Urban Shadows, are you thinking criminal enterprise? I just saw the movie "You were never really here" which was fascinating. Basically a former vet, completely overcome with PTSD, works jobs on the street killing pedophiles. Not saying we go down that road but I see an opportunity for some great imagery and we can really flex the system.

Cool ideas. Give me a little more on your ideas if you don't mind.


Originally Posted by dj2145 View Post
Funny that LotR is characterized as high fantasy, I would have put it at low as well. With high fantasy, I'm thinking of overly magic related worlds. ... Even my D&D games I put major throttles on spellcasting as I prefer a darker, more gritty feel like LotR or GoT.
This might be a misunderstanding between the definition of high fantasy and high magic (fantasy). High fantasy deals with epic themes such as fates of kingdoms and worlds, while high magic (fantasy) refers to settings where magic and magical creatures are prevalent.

There you go, I prefer High Fantasy, not High Magic Fantasy.

Yeah Cairo beat me to it. Essentially, magic doesn't necessarily mean high fantasy. In fact the lack of magic in a world that has dragons, trolls, giant sentient tree people, more races than human, etc, is the very definition of fantasy.

@dj2145 I've been doing some thinking on my character but still don't have a definitive setting. Thinking something of a Dwarfen knight (or equivalent) that goes on some quest because his Lord/king/whatever doesn't like him or his family/clan and is looking for a way to get rid of him. Some kind of quest that isn't really achievable and brings no honor to his people. Still thinking about all of this.

Originally Posted by dj2145 View Post
There you go, I prefer High Fantasy, not High Magic Fantasy.
there we go,yeah there had been a mistake I would say

and about the matter at hand,i would say that the two would have mutual agreement becuase of their history which i have in mind,for a setting,since fantasy is out...what about something that takes place in either modern setting or world war 2 however I would prefer if i could use a character that is not human,and no vampire if possible

Yeah kinda along those lines DJ. It has a big focus on player worldbuilding (the urban shadows setting specifically) so there is a mechanic where you have debts and different factions and to level up you have to interact with each faction once. The debts are useful because you can make your solution to a problem and in it introduce a new npc. For example lets say I am a drug dealer in the city. You as the Gm use the characters to put me in a predicament I can either give all my drugs over to the cartel that had moved into town or leave town now. I could solve this by on the spot saying I call in my old mafioso Don Littelo. Based on the system now I have to owe a debt to someone and be owed a debt by someone now. So you could say Don Littleo owes me a debt from when I helped his son escape the prison ages ago in return I want his help in dealing with this new cartel. Then I could say I owe a favour to the comic book store owner for hiding me for the next few days while Don Littleo gets his crew together.

Those are the kind of interactions I am interested in whereas a PC I can make shit up to move along but also make it more interesting. Obviously, as Gm you have final call but it is more of you have to work on your feet as we charge forward building the setting for you. The setting is very what happens in the shadows and at night. For example it has your more modern fantasy races such as werewolves, vampires and fae but also has some new ones. The races and how that works would obviously be up to you and your system but you get the idea I hope.

Another example of an urban shadows kinda setting would be the whole marvel defenders set up on netflix (less super hero more fantasy but you could once again change that).

Also Yazata's character would work really well in an Urban shadows esk setting. In the actual setting there are demons and there is a racial archetype that is a person who is also inhabited by a demon. The character can be played multiple ways but would work to Yazata's benefit as if you give more into the power of the demon it becomes more controlling whereas when you use the skillset of the human side it has more control over the body if that made any sense.


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