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Eberron: Echoes of the Last War

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Eberron: Echoes of the Last War

Eberron: Echoes of the Last War - Forum

Sharn, City of Towers

I've been here a week, and it's still hard not to be overwhelmed by this city. The towers rise up until they disappear into the clouds. Lights gleam in a thousand windows. Skycoaches work their way through the maze of bridges connecting the massive towers, and up above I can see the burning ring of an elemental airship.

Staring into the sky, I nearly walk into a massive warforged juggernaut. It's my first time seeing one... but there's so many things I've never seen in this place. A tattooed elf haggled with a masked halfling, arguing about the price of lizard meat. A gargoyle watches from a high perch. I gather my senses and keep moving.

It's not until I reach the lift that I realize... that warforged stole my purse.


Every day, a hundred adventures unfold in the City of Towers. Heroes arise and meet their doom; treasures are unearthed, stolen, and recovered; and villains plot unending schemes of wickedness to unleash upon the city.

The city inspires a range of emotions, from awe to disgust. Its architecture and the pervasive magic of flight, the bustling activity of its towers, the tremendous array of cultural, culinary, and commercial delights it offers, and its proximity to the lost continent of Xen'drik draw pilgrims and adventurers from around the world. Its crime rates, the debauchery offered among its many entertainments, the well-known corruption of its leaders, and the very real threat of ancient monsters lurking beneath its sewers provoke fear and censure from moralists and those of less adventurous spirit.

Sharn is the largest city of Khorvaire, though not the most important in its political or economic life. It is, nevertheless, a hotbed of activity, an ideal location to set an adventure or an entire campaign. Such as this one, for our story begins in this bustling blighted city. And now, as the lightning rail pulls into the station at First Tower, it’s time to explore the world of Eberron and see what adventures await us. Grab your sword, gather your companions, and make sure you’re ready—for anything.

The Adventure

All of you have arrived in Sharn or already find yourselves in the city of towers for your own reasons. Some of you may know each other, some may simply have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This adventure will follow the events of the Forgotten Forge, through to Shadows of the Last War, Whispers of the Vampire's Blade, and Grasp of the Emerald Claw.

We begin our adventure in the lovely drinking establishment, The King of Fire, a lower-class tavern located in Middle Dura, Hareth's Folly. Half a dozen card games constantly play out in the back rooms of the King, and the place does a brisk business in gambling on races and skyblade matches. Finding yourselves one of the rare window seats, you've found yourselves bonding over drinks and cards with your fellow patrons. You're on your last round of this particular game and find the pot in the center consisting of a few silver coins, somebody's glass eye, and what's clearly an imitation dragonshard even a half-blind ogre would recognize as a fake. Something's about to interrupt this little card game of yours, however, and send you on a quest of adventure, betrayal, and mistaken identity! Just another day in Eberron!

Character Creation

Characters will begin the game at level 1 with 20 point buy. We will be utilizing this excellent eberron conversion as well as Dreamscarred Press' psionics, akashic magic, and path of war. Finally we will also be taking a very big step away from standard pathfinder and will be removing alignments as a mechanic altogether!

Please see more specific character creation details and house rules here.

Please also take a look at how to apply, as well as what I'm looking for, here.

And finally, if you have any questions or things to discuss, feel free to pose them here or under Character Creation Discussion.

I look forward to seeing you in the City of Towers!

Further Reading

As a bit of an addendum, those not familiar with the setting may find the following resources useful:

Game Description:

The medieval world of Eberron is a place of magic and monsters, where arcane energy infuses the landscape and greatly influences society and industry. Thanks to a mastery of the arcane arts, the great cities of the continent of Khorvaire contain skyscraping castles, elemental-powered coaches and carriages, and all manner of enchanted conveniences. Magic is industry across the face of Eberron, the innovative spark that propels society forward.

The advances and conveniences made possible by magic augment the trappings of a medieval Pathfinder world. Magic and the arcane arts allow for effects that in some ways mimic technological marvels that didn’t appear in our world until the 1800s. Something resembling a magical telegraph provides communication between two locations. An arcane analog of the railroad connects defined routes among the more civilized regions of the world. Magic exists to accomplish tasks otherwise impossible—if you can find the right spell wielder and you have enough gold to pay for the privilege.

As the campaign begins, the world of Eberron is emerging from a long and devastating war. The nations of the continent of Khorvaire were once part of a great kingdom of legend, the mighty kingdom of Galifar. When King Jarot died, his five heirs, each in command of one of the Five Nations that comprised the kingdom, refused to bow to tradition. Instead of allowing the eldest scion to take the crown, the siblings rallied their vassals and individually vied to take control of the kingdom. Over time, this decades-long conflict became known as the Last War, for everyone imagined that when it finally ended, the taste for bloodshed and battle would be wiped from the face of Khorvaire.

The Last War continued for more than a century, with each of the Five Nations alternately fighting against or alongside one or more of the others as animosities and alliances shifted like the wind in the Shargon Straits. In time, other nations formed as deals were made and opportunities presented themselves. After 102 years of fighting, the leaders of the recognized nations of Khorvaire (which now numbered twelve) met at the ancient capital of Galifar to draft a peace. With the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, the Last War came to an end.

Today, the nations of Khorvaire seek to rebuild and prosper as the new peace spreads across the land. While technically at peace, the nations continue to vie for economic and political supremacy. Minor skirmishes break out every so often, especially in the more remote sections of the continent and on the most hotly contested borders. Espionage and sabotage are the preferred method of diplomacy, since the nations engage in trade and discussion in public while working intrigues and double-crosses in the shadows.

What are you waiting for? Come explore the world of Eberron!

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