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Greyhawk Gestalt

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Greyhawk 3.5e

I am looking for 3 players for this 3.5 D&D Gestalt game set in Greyhawk in 586 CY.

Starting at 1st level with 200gp. Scores are rolled using 4d6 drop the lowest in order from STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA. You may roll 2 sets and choose one of them. Standard races only. Alignments can only be LG, NG, CG. I am allowing most books, but no 3rd party stuff.

This will be Gestalt which means you pick two classes and get the better details from each. Any class combination is fine as long as its in the books. Gods will be Greyhawk and don't forget that there are Regional Languages as well. For example, Old Oeridian, Fruz, Velondi, Nyrondese, Suloise, Keolandish, Baklunish and Lendorian.

Maximum HP for 1st level and characters start each with one potion of CLW that does 1d8+3 for HP. I do not allow DROW, so don't ask about them, they are Forgotten Realms and have no place in Greyhawk.

Posting will be once every two days more or less. I am looking for more experienced players, but I might accept a newbie if they can catch on very quickly. Feel free to ask me any questions about the game.

Please submit your character concept and state your experience with 3.5 and I reserve the right to choose my players. Thanks for reading!

Edit: I am not allowing bizarre races from other dimensions, worlds or settings. Prospective players will be starting in a Lawful Good kingdom working for the king to combat the evil forces of Iuz. Do not ask me if you can play races that are not humanoid, not ECL 1 or less and/or enjoy eating/harming good natured folk. Thank you.

Game Description:

The 10th of Fireseek 586 CY

We find ourselves in the service of King Belvor IV...apparently the Wars, which we thought were over, have now flared up again. Iuz is launching small skirmishes in the Vesve Forest, testing our defenses and making war. We now have to travel there to confront Iuz's minions. Should be simple enough, its just Orcs, Goblins and maybe some Ogres. I wonder if this will be for real...the war that is? Well, now is the time to find out...

PCs will be starting in Chendl, working as agents of the King. They must venture to the Vesve and fight the forces of Iuz. A new war may be looming and its up to the PCs to give them a thrashing they won't forget...

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