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Shadow Stream: Personal Art Thread

Nice piece Ruben, I really like the shadowing of the lower body and the detail still conveyed in the shadows. Well done.

We should chat about your availability and price for doing a couple of pieces of freelance sci-fi themed artwork for me if you're interested.

That's amazing. Seriously.

@Jason - Thanks, man, I really appreciate the feedback and work opportunity. Send me a message on Skype whenever you're available or I can PM you my e-mail if you don't have it?

@Farland - Thank-you for the huge compliment, sir!

The Druid

Here's another in this series. I plan on doing maybe one or two more (an Elven Rogue and a Wizard of some kind).
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Wow, Ruben, your work has developed beautifully! If ever I need specific character pics for anything, I'm going to hire you! Wow! ... More, please?

So, could I commission you to do a map and a couple of characters for me? If yes, give me a price and then SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! XD

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