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"TCG" Could get you that far :P But I suppose that people might want a closer comparison.

Well, I wouldn't say Hearthstone lacks in random elements. There are a lot of plays that will win/lose based on a coin flip, but in the grand scheme of things it's quite balanced. I'm actually slightly afraid of the Naxxramus expansion screwing up the power balance and leaving one class as clear 'winner', but they've avoided that with very few nerfs or buffs so far.

Also, my battletag is Geddian#1770 if anyone wants to play a game sometime.

Which class would end as the clear winner, then? I don't recall if any class has any particularly special amount of deathrattles.

Play daily, complete challenges.

Originally Posted by cailano View Post
What's the best way to earn gold / cards in game?
The best way is to play the Arena, and get good at it. Do the dailies, and spend that gold to go to the arena, instead of buying packs. Packs are 100g each, but the arena is only 150g and always gets you a pack too, plus a small amount of dust/gold if you win even a little.

As a side benefit of arena, you get to see pretty much every card in Hearthstone in action, and you get to play with cards you can't yet afford and get a feel for how they work. There are also lots of arena draft tier lists that give you a good idea of what cards to pick.

EDIT: Oh, and there are a couple of hidden quests that give you gold. I think you get 100g for beating all the Expert AI, and another 100g for unlocking all the basic cards for each class.

Originally Posted by Kerim View Post
Which class would end as the clear winner, then? I don't recall if any class has any particularly special amount of deathrattles.
Priests, for the exact opposite reason, though it's only a guess. They are currently the only class with board-wide silence, from Mass Dispel. It's currently quite bad in most decks, but against a deathrattle metagame it could be downright broken.

Secondly, they have this nifty card called Shadow Madness that allows you to take a low-attack minion of your opponents and attack with it for one turn. If that minion has a deathrattle, and dies running itself into another minion, you get the effects of that deathrattle since it's currently under your control. You get the 2/1 critter from a Harvest Golem or the card from a Loot Hoarder, for example.

Arena is *very* tough. Newer players tend to get discouraged, so it leads to a tougher crowd than regular matchmaking. That said, learning how to build a deck and how to play arena are all very important skills to learn! And of course, sometimes luck will factor in.

I will say after some brief studying up (Trump is a wonderful streamer at teaching how to arena draft) I went from a handful of wins to 10 wins on my last run. Not that I expect that to happen often, but I doubt I would have done so well without relying on some other people's advice.

I will second Trump as a great teacher of Hearthstone, both arena and constructed. Very mellow guy, keeps it pretty much PG. Conveniently he even has an entire series of videos on getting to Legend from nothing on a new account, one for Mage and a significantly longer one for Shaman. He also streams on Twitch every day. He's the reason I got a few 12 win arenas under my belt.

And arena is pretty rough to start since it matches you based on current wins (in that run) instead of actual skill, but getting good at the arena provides an unending supply of dust, and honestly it's just way more satisfying than normals. Normals are like poker without stakes.

I expected arena to be pretty hard, honestly. I've played MtG for several years and draft tournaments were always the toughest. I had a few where I did pretty okay, but a lot more where I just got crushed.

Those Trump videos look to be worth watching. I don't have a whole lot of days where I get enough uninterrupted time to play a full arena match anyway, but I'll try to work some in.


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