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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Myth Weavers' Milestones

As I was contemplating my 20,000th post here at Myth Weavers I realized that the last (nearly) two and a half years here has really been quite enjoyable. I’ve joined countless games during that time, and have seen most of those fall by the wayside. I’ve met lots of new people and have made some friendships with individuals that will (hopefully) last for a long time to come.

I wanted take a moment to say 'Thank You' to all of my hard working DM’s who have put their creative efforts into letting me help them tell a story. And I also want to thank all of the people I have been lucky enough to play with. I have seen many excellent posts and some not so excellent posts, but either way, I have enjoyed getting to know the characters that you have put effort into crafting.

Of course a big thanks needs to be offered up to the "Blue Named" folks that make this site as awesome as it is. So to you small group who pour unlimited time and energy into making Myth Weavers the best place on the net for gaming, Thanks!

But the main point of this thread is something altogether different… Sure 20,000 posts is a milestone of sorts, but it is something that anyone here can eventually attain. What I want to hear about are those unique milestones in your time here at Myth Weavers that have really meant something special to you. Maybe you’ve been DM’ing a game for an entire year now and still have the same group of players. Perhaps you created a brand new world and have finally detailed every last inhabitant and statted them all out. Or maybe you finally reached 1,000 posts and you’re dying to shout it from the rooftops. Whatever your accomplishment, I’d love to hear about it.

I’d like to keep this from becoming a Freeform assortment of random role-playing stories and anecdotes like “One time my half-orc barbarian cut a dragon in half when I made a called shot and rolled 3 20’s in a row and the DM was like ‘You suck!’ and stormed out…” If you want to do that, go here.

Rules are simple: One post only describing a Myth Weaver’s Milestone. You may also post a "Congratulations" reply to someone else, but that's it: No side talking, no off topic.

Grats on your 20,000 posts and may they bring you 20,000 more!

Thank you both for the congrats, but I was more after your milestones. In the short time you two have been at Myth Weavers, anything phenomenal happen that you'd like to share?

Hey Ithamar, very cool.

I'd like to say that my first DMing game here on MW - The False Reality, started around Jan 2007, is going to start again in early September. The last time it lasted aroudn 7-8 months before I had to call a halt because of me busy with school stuff. But now it's going to start again! Lucky to say, many of my old players are coming back. I'm quite excited about it.

I've also started a 4e game that I am DMing at the moment, and it's been going great. Things are going to pick up quickly soon.

Wow! Congrats, that is a lot of posts and you are already at 20,026! More impressive is that you are having fun here, so keep it up!

Originally Posted by SpaXe View Post
I've also started a 4e game that I am DMing at the moment, and it's been going great. Things are going to pick up quickly soon.
That's good to hear. ;P

I remember the first time I won an arena game on MW. Does that count?

My game Alteran Mythos has been running for well over a year now, and a few of my starting players are still intact. We have had a few unfortunate circumstances arise that has forced players to leave, but all in all, we have persevered and the game is going strong.

I also want to congratulate Pheonixfire for a similar feat, as I have played in his game that has run for about as long!


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