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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Time for a 1,111th post, methinks...

In my time here, I've been involved in games more or less constantly, sometimes three or more, sometimes (now) just one. It's been a fun time, and I look forward to hopefully posting much more as my schedule... maybe calms down a bit.

Ithamar-- Wow. Congrats, even if I haven't seen your posts much, I haven't been able to frequent the forums as often as I'd like to.

Hope to see you all around!

@Roy ;-)

Damn Ith but you do post a lot. You had a break and I swear you are still getting away from me!!

I think for me the big Milestone was running my first game here which I did about a month after joining and is still running, just. I do cringe occasionally when I look back at my game ad for that. It was pretty rough. I think I only had 4 apps. Still, 2 and a bit years later and 2 of the 4 are still in it... (just)

The other Milestone would be starting to run my sixth simultaneous game (that didn't last long). Oh, and pitting the PCs against a pig with Barbarian levels. That was a good one.

I don't really pay attention to my post count. Milestones - lots in the last year. MW-related though:

I've made a new friend of someone on the site, who is a truly awesome person and helps inspire me. <snorgleglomp>

I've submitted several things to magazines this year - they've all been rejected so far, but I'm working on it. My writing gets better day by day, and that's been a joy.

I'm running games and not vanishing!

I'm a mod now (again), and happy about that as well.

And the people I lessthanthree the most, who brought me here in the first place, are still people I see around and work with on the Weave all the time.

4000 Posts and counting.. W00t! Hoping to make it to atleast 5000 before I hit a year total here. I think I'm good based on my average.

Geez... postcounts are such a disease =P

Let's see, MW Milestones, I joined MW in january 2007 because a friend of mine, Kian, told me about a pbp game he was going to play, with some friends, and he asked me to join with him. It was a pretty close group, it seemed most of them knew each other from before, but I happily joined nevertheless. We were going to play Red hand of doom. We played the whole campaign and finished at level 13th, almost two years after. The campaign was complete on February '09. It was a wonderful experience, specially since I know it's really hard to keep a long lasting game here in MW.

That's a pretty damn good milestone in my opinion.

@SB: That makes me want to go look up the game ad. I want to find my application, too.
EDIT: Whoa whoa whoa. "[the PCs] will be working for one of the Dragonmarked houses, acting as independent agents." This whole time? I had no idea! This changes everything!

A huge milestone came for me yesterday. The players finally discovered the Big Secret of the campaign that I started two years ago on this site. Even though only one of the original five characters is still in the game, it was extremely rewarding to get to this point and know that the game is going as strong as ever.

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