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Myth Weavers Storycrafting Contest

Just wanted to touch base, folks! How are those entries coming along? If you've already submitted, please confirm with me that it was received. If you did not put [contest] in the subject line, I have not gotten it automatically and we will need to find it!

I've got just shy of 5,000 words waiting for my wife to read over... I'll submit it after I get her feedback.

I'm plugging along. Should be done by the end of January.

Once all the judging is completed, will you be releasing any to be read?

@Underleaf the winner and runners up absolutely, we're undecided on the rest currently. We may do a list at some point, for those that want to read them all.

I definitely will want to read them all, assuming the entries are only a few dozen rather than a few hundred.

On a sidenote of asking me about the entry, just waiting for someone to review it, problem is I won't get ahold of him for about two weeks, just shy of 4900 words.

I'm a newcomer but this sounds very exciting and I'd like to throw my hat into the ring as an exercise, if nothing else. @Colin Would a joint entry by two authors be a possibility? Following all the rules of a single submission of course but authored as a collaborative work..

@Emergent Resonance No, sorry, one author per work.

No worries, no harm in asking!

Everyone: I've added a tracker to show whose submissions we have received. If you do not see your name on the list, please let me know!

Eesh, I'm having a shot at this, but it's taking me days to get past the first scene. I have a great idea of the broad plot and the meaning of the Day of Bones (it's very D&D-flavoured) but the little tidbits are escaping me.

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