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any other night owls?

any other night owls?

I work nights most of the time, and tends to be my most active time on here. Anybody else? Recommendations for fun things to do when locked in an office by yourself until the sun comes up?

I'm an all-night worker as well. Grave shift is rough. I'm usually around regularly, even on the discord server, though I don't post hardly ever.

Take up origami?

Lol. I remeber doing origami when I was a kid! I havent really messed with the discord server much. Chat seems a bit fast paced sometimes.

I wouldn't have any problem with it. Just seems like the boards go dead from time x to time y most days. Is there a way to filter activity by region?

Cryptid Keeper Adventure Zone, and Last Podcast on the Left are my too three right now.

Hoot Hoot Hoot.

Depends on how good your cell internet reception is, how easy it is to keep your phone charged in the office, and how obnoxious the company your working for's internet access and security policy's and protocol's are.


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