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any other night owls?

lol. Well my cell reception is pretty shoddy, but they do tend to be chill about what I do as long as work gets done.

I used to really love the pseudo-pod and escape-pod pod casts

Another night owl here! As far as managing to entertain yourself at work while on the night shift.. I study(currently CCNA), when I can maintain the focus for it, and I draw on scrap paper. And I keep all my RPG stuff on my phone so I can endless build and rebuild characters because the numbers are the only thing that really keep my attention.

Oof. That sounds rather depressing. But it's great! I love being on night shift!

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
"Obnoxious" as in they expect people to work, when at work?
I want you picture a scenario. Your job is too be there, on time, awake, sober, in uniform and clean. And then to stay on property to man the computers and alarms in case something goes wrong, do a bit of driving around for visibility so that people who might wanna break in know there are people on property and will hopefully choose a softer target, and check the door locks which takes about an hour and a half of an 8 hour shift. There are 2 people on the site doing this job, one in the truck/walking around checking the door locks, and the other one is manning the computers and alarms in case something goes wrong.

Unless and until an alarm goes off, your there for the same reason a fire extinguisher is in the kitchen, and work has a first aid kit and a defibrillator. NOT because you expect too need them often, but cause when you need them you really need them, and it's cheaper than the insurance cost of NOT having them.

So, given that overnight alarms are a once a month at absolute most scenario (And even then are generally all sorted in an hour or less barring VERY abnormal circumstances. ), the basic expectation is "Stair at paint, don't do anything for 8 hours, and don't fall asleep, cause were trying to ban everything none work related, which is almost everything we can think of in our uncreative boomer minds, and expect this too work. Please nevermind all the numerous decades of study's that say this is the stupidest way of doing this we could pick."

That's not "We expect you to work at work." that's "we expect you to effectively get in a deep fighting stance, and hold it for 8 hours, even though anyone who's paid any attention too the actual job understands that that is both none essential and indeed, actually potentially counter productive."

I'm usually up at night because I work later in the day and I'd rather wake up and go to work than work and then immediately go to bed. For podcasts I can recommend Fear the Boot as an RPG podcast and I can recommend Dan Carlin's Hardcore History as an immersive dive into some of "the extremes of the human experience" as he calls it. His series of World War 1 was particularly ensnaring for me. I've kind of taken a break from RPG's for a few years so I'm getting back on the horse after checking out D&D 5e and some of the creative community surrounding it.

I'm personally working on trying to do stuff like write, draw, read, and program during my free time at night instead of doing easy activities just to pass the time. Its cool to know that people here are working through similar situations.

I found swing shift to be much worse than graveyard.
Need something to keep you occupied? Have you looked into the Doctor Who and other stories by Big Finish Productions?

When I did my graveyard shift run at a financial institution (*shudders*), I wasn't even allowed access to a computer (time before I had a cellphone).

Never. Again.

Seconding BF plays if you're allowed to listen to stuff.

Just skip #18 Minuet in Hell--arguably the worst thing BFP has done. Not quite Kurtzman&Orci or Chibnall bad, but in the running.

I too work the night shift. Sadly we're not allowed to listen to music/podcasts. I mostly spend my time writing at this point. I've actually been working on a home-brew post apocalypse game, just because.

Originally Posted by Sephirothsword117 View Post
Relax, I'm just joshing you. If your employer is fine with you slacking off doing other stuff in that time (and for someone who's job is to be a "fire extinguisher", I don't see why they wouldn't) then no worries... if they're not, well, it doesn't really matter if that makes you less efficient, that's up to them. They're the ones paying you. Either way, a lot of us don't have jobs like that. Hell, my first job we had to hand in basically all our possessions at the start of each shift (pretty literally strip to the waist, since they gave you a shirt too).


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