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👀 How about that episode of game of thrones....jeesh! (Yes spoilers)

On a show that has wrestled (often unnecessarily and far beyond the books' pages) with sexual violence, I thought last night's scene was surprisingly sweet, honest and an excellent portrayal of consent on a show that never seemed to give a damn about consent before. Better late than never on the MeToo movement, GoT.

Okay, folks, use spoiler tags, as already stated. [spoiler=title]text[/spoiler]. Failure to use spoiler tags will result in thread closure.

The crypt is safe, head to the crypt and protect everyone, you need to be in the crypt..

Gee.. I wonder if something will happen in the crypt.

On the whole tonights episode was pleasing. Spoilers in tag.

The more I thought about Season 8, Episode 3, the more I hate it. The direction was fine, but the story was just awful. This episode felt like The Last Jedi of the series.


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