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Save The Tick

Save The Tick

For those of you familiar with the lovable blue superhero, it may shock you to know that Amazon Prime has officially cancelled its version of the live-action show after 2 seasons. In fact, it was cancelled 6 weeks after season 2 was released, before it could really get any traction this year. What a shame.

However, the #LunaTickArmy isn't sitting around doing nothing. No, fate has called, and we are all picking up the telephone to hear her dulcet tones! A petition has been started to help save this wonderful rendition of hero television in the hopes that this show can be saved on Prime OR moved to another network that'll give the show a chance to shine.

Help the blue guy out. #SaveTheTick

We've hit 5,000 signatures, and are now working towards 7,500. Please, if you can - help #SaveTheTick.

Done and dusted, Scarecrow. Here's hoping it works, man. That show cracks me up.

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