Non Sequitur

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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted, but it's poisoned and you die after a single bite.

I wish for a cold can of Dr. Pepper.

Granted. The can is very cold! Not painfully so. It's actually pretty reasonable, just a little colder than if you left in the fridge. The perfect temperature for maximum refreshment! Bottoms up!

Oh. The can contains only the small drop that remains that you can never seem to get out.

I wish for a witticism, perhaps to be placed in a field prepared for one.

Granted. It's in that field, not here. Sorry.

I wish for a new car.

Granted. You've been "Erased", and leave EVERYTHING behind, including loved ones and pets. You are dead, according to the world, and can ONLY ever survive by the grace of Ahnold.

I wish that was a real thing.


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