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Well, for higher levels I was actually thinking 'mystic theurge', but for 1st level, where would you recommend starting?

I'd say 4 skill points (after Intelligence bonus) is the absolute minimum on the skills end, with access to Cure Light Wounds on the magic end...that doesn't actually narrow things down much, does it?
Bard? I feel like this is a trick question.

You can see if your DM will allow the 3.5 Chameleon to be converted for Pathfinder since it was a dabbler in everything. The Spellchymist archetype for Alchemist gives him a caster level for crafting and so can make quite a list of spell completion items. I guess it's best to arrange your list of wants in order of importance and see where you should begin.

The Trample feat modifies the following section of the Combat Maneuver, Overrrun:
'When you attempt to overrun a target, it can choose to avoid you, allowing you to pass through its square without requiring an attack. If your target does not avoid you, make a combat maneuver check as normal. If your maneuver is successful, you move through the targetís space. If your attack exceeds your opponentís CMD by 5 or more, you move through the targetís space and the target is knocked prone.'

Normally, if they choose to avoid you, you move through their space uncontested, but get no chance to knock them prone.
With Trample, they don't get that option, and if you do successfully knock them prone, your mount gets one free hoof attack against the prone target.

Characters are lvl18 and I retrained a feat to multi-class bard.
Reading the Skald’s Aura power from Master of Stories feat. Looks like it is saying that for a minor action I can activate an aura 5 that once a day will allow someone to either spend a surge or let someone else spend a surge (+4d6 @ current level) once a day. Looks like a double daily limitation. Once a day set up the aura. Once a day someone gets a surge. And it takes a minor action to set up the aura and another to heal. Or am I mis-reading that?
That seems like a lot of resources for one heal.
Heck, the multi-class Ardent (Psionic) lets you have 3 uses in one encounter(@ current lvl), once a day.

As I read it, setting up the aura is still an encounter power. Only the healing benefit is restricted to once per day. Still not great, but hey, you get to be a bard.


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