The Last Line (Battletech via MegaMek)

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The Last Line (Battletech via MegaMek)

The Last Line - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 8

So, the idea for this game is mostly a freeform Battletech, with all the combat occurring using the freeware MegaMek program to handle combat in a series of monthly/bi-weekly (or more often, depending on schedule) multiplayer games. Everyone will play a single character with relatively abstracted stats acting as part of a mixed resistance unit trying to fight back a Word of Blake invasion in 3067. I'm not bound to canon with this game, so if everyone plays well enough there's a chance of kicking off the Wobbies or holding out long enough for the FedSuns to relieve them.

I'm looking for a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players. I don't have any particular expectation of a given posting rate beyond 'at least three or four posts a week', but you will have to be able to put aside an hour or three a few times a month to get together in Discord and play a combat encounter in MegaMek.

Game Description:

Fletcher is one of dozens of fairly unremarkable worlds in the Chaos March. Settled in the first age of colonization, Fletcher was once an industrial powerhouse before the Succession Wars. After the widespread devastation, only Caletra Fighters maintains any manufacturing of intergalactic note. While by no means poor, most of the goods and services produced on Fletcher are of little interest more than a Jump away. Like many worlds in the Chaos March, the planetary government splintered during the FedCom Civil War, several nations declaring their defacto independence but not able to muster enough forces to do more than protect their new borders. Content in a sort of sleepy, armed obscurity, Fletcher has been able to coast through the FedCom Civil War without further incident.

However, the recent invasion of Terra and the sporadic open battles between Comstar and the Word of Blake worry the leaders of the largest nation of Fletcher, Royce. Hoping to make a push to consolidate the planet under their control, they hired a mercenary company, Charpentier's Chasseurs, to train their militia and support their push to unify their planet. It was to the Chasseurs great misfortune that only a month after they began their contract, multiple jump signatures at the system's edge announced the arrival of the Word of Blake...

We need to start worrying about the world we're leaving for Keith Richards.
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I've downloaded and have played with the program slightly. Having issues figuring it out, any help would be appreciated.

Designing your Mech:

Download the latest version of MekHQ from the download page. Inside, you should find MegaMekLab.exe. Open that, and go to File > Load > From Cache. Pick whichever Mech or vehicle chassis you want to start with and make adjustments as you like. Keep an eye on your BV - you're allowed up to 800 base, but can increase it by burning XP.

Designing your PC:

Open MekHQ.exe. Start a new campaign. Select 3067 (Jan 1st is fine). Select Simple Presets (since you won't be using this stuff anyway) and hit confirm. Turn on GM mode in the top-right. Click on "Marketplace" in the top-left, and hire a Mechwarrior (or a Vehicle Pilot, Aero Pilot, whatever you'll be playing). Select "Edit Statistics (GM)" and change your active skills to 4/5 (for Mechwarriors, that's Piloting/Mech 4 and Gunnery/Mech 5.) Hit OK, and then Hire. On the personnel tab, right click on the guy you just made, go down to GM Mode, and select "Set XP". Adjust your XP to whatever value you have (base 12, but can be less if you traded for more BV for your mech/vehicle). Turn off GM mode, right click your PC again, and use the "Spend XP" menu to spend your XP as you like.

I figured this all out from experimentation and clicking random shit. Don't ask me how to actually play the game, though - I'm as lost as you there. Hope that at least somewhat helped.

I'd like to play. I'm not super knowledgeable on BT outside of the mechwarrior games and a few sessions of the Tabletop I've played, but I like the universe

MegaMek handles the damage allocation, which is the most time consuming part of table top BattleTech. The only thing you really need to know is what your chosen weapons do in terms of damage and range, and how pilot skill levels work. I'd recommend downloading MegaMek and playing a few matches against the bot.


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