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What have you been listening to lately?

Push it to the limit, from "Scarface". Because we all need a bit of cheesy and upbeat 80's music from time to time.

Been listening to Maximum the Hormone, AIMI (ex Stereopony), LiSA, Babymetal. To name a few, and a lot of music from the FATE animes.

Avicii's death sent me into a spiral of listening to EDM from the 80s to 2000s.

Originally Posted by X51 View Post
Lateralus by Tool (Parabol/Parabola linked)

Tool are theoretically releasing a new album this year, 12 years after their last one. It's either going to be mind-blowing or a disaster. My money's on the former.
That's my favorite song of all time. I hope the new album is more of a progression to Lateralus than 10k days.

-This may sound weird, but while you're you're looking through gaming books for D&D or something fantasy oriented, listening to a looping version of the "Majula Theme" from the dark souls 2 soundtrack is actually kind of cool.

My daughter got the complete Chronicles of Narnia series on audiobook for Christmas and we've been working our way through it ever since. With a different reader for each book, it really keeps things from getting stale, plus it allows for the lesser known books in the series to get their time to shine. Fun stuff.

For me, the first book really stood out, as I'd always falsely believed that The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was in fact the first in the series. But it isn't. The Magician's Nephew is and, especially when read by Kenneth Branagh, it's fantastic.

While first chronologically, I'm pretty sure it was written sixth. Can't evaluate the audiobook, but Kenneth Branagh? That's some pretty heavy artillery there, I'd assume it's good.

Beth Crowley and Taylor Davis with the usual smothering of Owl City.

I also named the first school bus I ever drove Lucy

Johnny Rebel, mostly his neo confederate songs. There is just something about the undying futile struggle against an overwhelming force that warms me up when I am sick and feel like dying.

Stay away from the racist stuff though. It's so over the top that it's funny, until you remember he is being serious. Still, can't win em all.

Ordering Dresden Files audio books--anyone know why a couple of them are outrageously expensive? Like $100-300! Were not enough made? Was it some strange limited run? That's pretty smegging expensive, since most run $15-20


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