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What specific system did you start with?

Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
I always have issues answering that. Do gamebooks count? What if some of those gamebooks includea a map with locations and a better dice system than some RPGs?
Ooh, that's a good point. My school library had a "choose your own adventure" type book with a (very simple, not very good) dice-based combat system in it that I remember borrowing. No idea what it was called, though.

Sounds like the Fighting Fantasy books?

Similar, but no. From some Googling, I think it might have been one of these Fabled Lands books. They look like they were something of a non-starter as a series, actually but, hey, it was interesting at the time.

Heheh, I remember those; I had a number of the Lone Wolf series. Man, good times, good times...so many bookmarks to try out different action lines when you weren't sure if something was going to kill you or not haha

I started with a neighbors 2nd edition DnD Monster Manual just building my own creeps as I waited to get my hands on a Phb and dmg. Shifted to a garage sale 1st ed Red Box set that lead into me owning most of TSR's source books from slowly earning cash cutting grass and shoveling over the years. Side bars of Rifts and Palladium RPG and Heroes Unlimited after to broaden horizons a bit.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Similar, but no. From some Googling, I think it might have been one of these Fabled Lands books. They look like they were something of a non-starter as a series, actually but, hey, it was interesting at the time.
fabled lands is just grand, I love that series, have run through it at least 3 times, one of them because I just managed to get tome 7 and I wanted a fresh start (and my old sheets were lost)... I hope vol 8-12 get published soon and I own the whole series.

My first exposure to role-playing was when I was about six or seven years old. A friend of mine that was a couple of years older brought out his 2nd edition AD&D PHB while my sister and I were over at his house and made us roll up characters. It was an easy sell; we were already deep into fantasy literature by then. As I recall, our friend kinda bungled the rules for stats, and had us roll 4d6 without dropping any of them. That resulted in my sister's character having Strength in excess of 20. We didn't actually do much with those characters, fortunately.

Anyway, we stopped into a hobby shop in Burbank, CA that has now long since closed, the Last Grenadier, where I bought the Complete Wizard's Handbook. I had, of course, no idea that you needed the PHB and other people to actually play the game. I read it cover to cover anyway, and after some time had passed I started collecting the rest of the books. The rest, as they say, is history.

A long time ago, in a living room not too far away, I started with Ghostbusters d6. It was on my uncles bookshelf, along with Star wars d6, and probably many rpg books. I don't remember any others, though since I ended up with his collection of D&D, he certainly had that as well.

He didn't really teach me and my friends to play. He just let us get the books and use his dice and what not, and off we went. At some point I stopped playing for a long time. Many reasons why. But about 11 years ago, a coworker mentioned Pathfinder, and we got to talking and eventually she roped another poor soul into this, and we started gaming. Much has changed since then, but Sykes will always be one of my favorite characters since coming back (he was my first, as well). He did not meet a good demise, though it is a fun story to tell.

@Colin Seems I find many folks these days whose uncle/aunt were the ones to help them get into cool stuff (not just rpgs). Mine also instilled a love of motorcycles and old cars in me (old air-cooled, specifically).

Cool uncle indeed!

Most of my uncles were just degenerate drunks who couldn't be bothered to get up from their seat in front of a football game unless they had to get another pack of cigarettes. The really special ones were also conspiracy theorists who trucked in "chem trails" long before they were popular internet fodder.

So yeah...cheers to you guys for your cool uncles! I've had a pretty charmed life so far, I must say, but that doesn't extend to my experiences with uncles, apparently.

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