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Players of Older D&D and Clones

I am running T1 not the complete ToEE but if you are interested it seems I only have four players left. I have a ranger but could use a magic-user. To join follow this link, roll some dice in the "dice rolling" thread, fill out an AD&D 2e character sheet and join it to the game so I can take a look.

Awesome and welcome @Skerritt. We have a Wiki linked to the first post. You can add yourselt to that.

I just posted an ad to recruit for my long running Desert Nomad adventure. It has been going for a few years but the new crew will start at the beginning of X4 - Master of the Desert Nomads using B/X D&D. Ad is here.

Well, I am an Old Schooler as well. I've played since 1980. I started with AD&D 1E 1st print run. Still have my books including the Deities and Demigods with the two redacted Pantheons.

I have played every edition since and must admit that my favorite is 3.5E, though 5E is catching up. My least favorite is a no brainer, 4E.

Well, I like 4e very much, in spite of the fact you just about need herolab and a printer to play it, the mechanics are lovely, if a bit heavy in application. I used to like3.5 a lot, but must admit that Pathfinder made some notable improvements, and that if I were to play, I might prefer the latter or a hybrid of the two, though , since 5e came out, I've been appreciating the complexity of 3.xx/pathfinder less and less, either I'm lazy or getting old.

I am currently recruiting for a new 1E Dragonlance game, in the event anybody reading this thread is interested!

@Qstor It is not on your list but I have a 0e game that is looking for a cleric. It has been in a bit of a hiatus but we are looking to start moving forward again. It is here if you are interested. All the rules needed to play are in the thread.


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