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Aftermath Heroes (PL14/250PPs)

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Aftermath Heroes (PL14/250PPs)

Aftermath Heroes - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Our Story:
In 1935 the inter-dimensional techno-demonic warlord Omega began trying to open gates between his hell dimension and the far reaches of the multiverse. He only managed to make a pinhole into our universe, near planet Earth. But the massive influx of energy into our dimension through that pinhole transformed numerous humans into superhumans. And thus the golden age of superheroes began.

Seventy years later, in 2005, Omega re-discovered our universe and planet Earth. This time he successfully opened a gate to our planet. He confidently walked through to declare himself the king of the universe and promptly had his ass handed to him by an unlikely collection of very powerful superheroes. In the aftermath of Omega's first invasion, those heroes and others formed a team of global protectors, the Freedom League.

The efforts of the Freedom League brought about a decade of relative peace and stability around the globe. But then Omega invaded again in 2015. This time he brought with him an army and the Staff of Devouring, a multidimensional artifact far older than our universe. With the Staff, Omega began siphoning off the energy from our dimension, slowly de-powering Earth's heroes one by one. The Freedom League found a way to break the Staff and defeat Omega and his army, but the damage was done. Only a small number of heroes remained. The rest were either killed in the war or were drained of their powers. A few really powerful heroes survived "the drain," as did a scattered collection of lesser heroes and villains, mostly non or barely powered. The age of the superheroes was over.

It is now 2019, Earth is still recovering from the Omega War, but things are beginning to get back to normal. Our game will pick up right there to ask the question, "What have the few, very powerful survivors of the Omega war been up to?" There are no real villains to fight. There are no other heroes to keep them in check. There are no powers on earth to stop them from doing whatever they want, whenever they want. Have they been fighting the good fight and helping Earth recover? Have they joined a government or a cause? Have they just been sitting on the sidelines drinking beer and living the good life? Have they been feuding with each other? We'll have to play to find out.

The Basics:
Aftermath Heroes will be a PL14/250PPs M&M3e game that will expect three posts a week. I am looking for two or three additional players (for a total of four) who will take on the roles of high-powered heroes who survived the Omega war. They are the only high-powered heroes left in the world. With all that power, what will they do? That's what our game is about. This game is well suited to players who are proactive, love to write their own stories (with a little cooperation), and are interested in the drama that comes from playing the most powerful people in the world.

A Note about Hero Points:
Most of the time I will leave Hero Point acquisition to the players. At the end of each short collection of scenes, I will refresh Hero Points. Other than that, Hero Points will be awarded for Complications, typically at the Players' requests. Occasionally, I will compel a Complication and reward a Hero Point, but usually I will leave that to the player to self-compel. Just let me know what you intend, and we'll make it happen and give you the HP. So, if you want a steady flow of HPs for your character, keep involving your Complications in the story.

A Note about My Play Style:
I am a very hands-off GM compared to most. My goal is to help you tell your story. If your story gets a little boring or you look to me to ask, "What happens next?" I'm here to make your life complicated and dramatic. That means that you have to tell me what you want. I'll constantly be asking players for what sorts of scenes they'd like to see next. If you are the kind of player who likes to sit back and wait for the GM to tell a story and then ask you, "What do you do?" this game ain't for you. You'll be bored to tears. But if you are the kind of player who longs to ask, "I'd like to see what happens when I take control of this entire town and run it as its Super Mayor!" Great! You are in the right place. We'll start to envision how that would play out as a Netflix show or a comic book, and I'll ask you, "What scene would you like to see first?" And we'll go from there. My goals are to help you tell your story, make your life complicated and dramatic, and to triangulate the characters at/against one another. A great story will naturally arise from that.

Also, if you are the kind of player who only checks the forum a few times a week, this isn't the game for you either. I expect three plot-moving, action-y, and dramatic posts a week. That usually involves visiting the OOC thread and/or the Discord to plan scenes, discuss plots, etc. much more than three times a week.

One more thing to keep in mind about the game and style: You don't have to create an altruistic hero, but stay out of out-right villain territory. Mainly because I don't want this to become inherently and procedurally a player-vs-player game (i.e. heroes vs. villains). Though, if the players are up for it, I will be pushing the characters into each other's path/drama. In other words, this will be much more like Umbrella Academy than it will be Justice League Unlimited when it comes to how the PCs relate to each other.

How to Apply:
Post an application in the character forum here. Your application should have the following components:

1. Write a short summary of your character: name, archetype, and a word or two about your high concept. (Example: Hermes, Out-of-retirement, Daredevil Speedster)

2. Tell us a little bit about your character's origin. Your origin doesn't have to be related to the Omega war(s), but it should, in some way, be connected to the events of 1935. Please, no origin stories that aren't easily explainable in light of the "Our Story" blurb above.

3. Tell us a little bit about how you were involved (or not) in the Omega War in 2015.

4. Tell us a little bit about how you have been spending the last four years.

5. Describe your usual cast of characters. I want at least five people that you have dramatic (not procedural or functional) relationships with. Every one of these will be a Complication for your character, and they are the primary way you will get Hero Points.

6. Describe any of the other Complications you envision for your character.

7. Give us an idea of how you plan to build your character. Complete character builds are not required at this point. I'm open to almost anything in this game. Build your character as powerful as you want within the PL/PP limits. The point isn't to see if you can be more powerful than everyone else in the world. You are. By far. If I see something I don't like, I'll say so, and if you have a build that slows the game down, we'll have to rethink it. Once the characters are chosen, we may make tweaks to all the characters to make sure everyone is comparable in optimization.

8. Give me at least three story ideas for your character. Write them as simple propositional statements. I'm not interested in you trying to do something. You are powerful enough to do whatever you want. The game will be about what happens when you do it. In other words, don't give me: "I want to try to get Captain Patriot to become the leader of all of America's armed forces." Give me: "Captain Patriot became the 'commander and chief' of all of America's armed forces." and we'll play to find out what happens as a result.


Note 1: I am going to leave applications open for at least one week from the ad posting date, longer if needed.

Note 2: If you have questions, post them in the ad thread.

Note 3: I expect people will be gone some during the summer on vacations and such. No problem. We'll work around that. I also will be gone for two weeks at the end of June on a work trip. I will be out of the country and most likely away from the internet. We should get almost a month of posting done before my trip to get us going, and we'll start back in July when I get back.

Note 4: The application period will end on Sunday 5/26 at 1 PM EDT. All applications need to be completed by then to be considered.

Game Description:

A Mutants and Masterminds 3e game about the last days of the age of heroes (PL14/250PPs)

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Originally Posted by Butchern View Post
We were posting at the same time!

Read my answers to the questions above to get the full gist, but yeah, I plan to keep the stories intersecting pretty significantly. If I accept a character who is the head of the armed forces, I can promise you that those armed forces are going to get in the way of another hero pretty quickly.

My suggestion is to put down what you want to play, and once the players are selected, we'll tweak everything to see how we can best fit it all together so that everyone is all up in everyone else's business and so that we don't have a bunch of solo stories.
Ok, great! I think I've settled on a pretty wide-open concept anyway (turncoat supervillain!), so I guess we'll see what happens if/when she bumps up everyone else.

Originally Posted by Butchern View Post
Sure. If you think you can read along and keep up (PbP makes that pretty easy), then more power to you!
Duely noted, thanks. I will try to apply with a Luck based hero, who questions the purpose of his life, of his powers, of his actions.

Aftermath? As in the old Avalon Hill bookcase game, Aftermath? If so, damn. That's a remarkable throwback.

Generally I'm not a fan of the laissez faire Gm approach, but you really seem to want to built a story that conforms to the characters which is nice. I think PbP is really the best place for this kind of reactive playstyle that responds to players's intentions. Might as well throw my hat into the ring. I've got an idea that's been floating in my head for ages.

Hmm... I'm curious. How would one go about making someone like Maxima from the webcomic Grrl Power in M&M?

The cliffnotes are that she's got a fairly high baseline level of strength, toughness, super speed, flight, and energy blasts, along a floating "pool" of non-specific energy that she can distribute to those things, as demonstrated here. It sounds like Variable, but I've never heard anyone say good things about Variable.

Originally Posted by SmokeyGB View Post
Aftermath? As in the old Avalon Hill bookcase game, Aftermath? If so, damn. That's a remarkable throwback.
I'd like to claim the cool points, but I've never heard of it.

Originally Posted by z3r0gamer View Post
Hmm... I'm curious. How would one go about making someone like Maxima from the webcomic Grrl Power in M&M?

The cliffnotes are that she's got a fairly high baseline level of strength, toughness, super speed, flight, and energy blasts, along a floating "pool" of non-specific energy that she can distribute to those things, as demonstrated here. It sounds like Variable, but I've never heard anyone say good things about Variable.
With 250 PPs you should be able to build out all of those abilities to the Rank 14 max, no Variable required. When you want to simulate her going nuclear on one of her powers, use Power Attack or spend a HP to boost the power by +1. That's what I would do anyway. I like simple.

Originally Posted by Warr
Is it meant to have some riffs on Freedom City? I see Omega after all and also Daedalus being mentioned, so is throwing in the like of the Centurion as a mention out of the question?
I did borrow some stuff from the old M&M2e Freedom City source book for this game. It looks like some others have as well. Knowing that setting is not required. If you need to reference other, past heroes in your application, you can use Freedom City or anything else you like or just make it up.

I've just about got all the basics you've requested up. I'll probably beef it up and start filling out some mechanics and other details soon enough. IF anyone could drop a line and give me any critiques I'd appreciate it.

Though I do have a question I realize I should have asked in the beginning. I know you're leaving most of the decision making to us, but do you plan on us operating primarily out of one location, or will we be moving around constantly? I ask because I've got my backstory pretty heavily dependent on working out of one city or location. She can definitely travel if needed but I'll have to rewrite some things if we won't have one central base of operations.

Also, if you would be so kind as to change my app's name to "Juno Alaniz, Kinetic Combatant, Psychic" I would very much appreciate it

I'd like to claim the cool points, but I've never heard of it.
My own memory betrayed me. The game came in a box, much like Avalon Hill games, but was actually put out by Fantasy Games Unlimited back in 1981.

The 80s were a golden age for role playing games. Dating myself, I know. This one was a moldable post apocalyptic game, best suited for Mad Max style wasteland adventures.!

Not that this has anything at all to do with your game, Butchern. Apologies for the derail but thank you for the jolt of nostalgia! : )

Does this world share any of our world's post-1935 historical events? For example, was there still a second world war? And if not, what happened instead?


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