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“Beware! Your bones are going to be disconnected” Who does martial arts?

I studied Hung-Gar. It's actually a mixed artform of Bak-Mei, Choy-Li-Fut, Wing-Chun and Hung-Gar, with Hung-Gar being the main style. With 5 animal styles, tiger, crane, monkey, leopard and snake. The style encompasses the philosophies of Buddhist monks with a small bit of Shao-Lin, studying the Yin of the Yin Tao. Weapons training is all authentic Chinese weapons (we don't use nunchakus though, as it's considered an unreliable weapon, like a flail, but hey, that's just our philos). Added on is the Bastard sword and Philippino stick fighting. (Yes we use the bastards sword, Grandmaster does not, but our master does, hey, if the Templars can go all kung-fuey with European weapons, well, so can anyone else. It works too, just like fighting with a katana really, except it's double edged blade instead of single). Artform was used against Genghis Khan, he didn't win every fight in China (not in southern China he didn't). True story. Also our grandmaster himself is an 1960's Hong Kong, China, street fighter. Them's the forges our forms been tested in. Sorry, we don't do competition fighting, unless it's full contact, so you mus be black to compete in any competition, country, world, city, whatevs, so no touch sparring competition. Ever. We also never wear the protective gear (in practices we do tho) in a competiton. So if you're in for Philippino stick fighting, hope you've practiced, cause Sifu says no padded armor for you. You get hit, you're taking it, no goggles or nothing, lol. Hey, he didn't have padding in those streets, you ain't getting it in some compete, not with his artform. And our Sifu's serious to, no nothing anything for you in this art, you compete, you go in uniform, that's it. Except for battle, we wear spiked leather, generally consisting of girdle, bracers and whatever you decide to add to it. It has been incorprated that you can wear leather jackets and jean jackets for protection purposes in everyday life, as leather and jeans protects you from being grabbed as easily as any other clothing.

You can amuse yourself one day, if you're bored or curious and try it. Have a friend use an actual arm grab on you while wearing polyester or cotton jacket, then try exact same move with leather. It actually protects you from having arm being held in place tightly, allowing you chance of slipping out. Jean works as well but not quite as effective.

We study arts of stealth and acrobatics, athletics, and so on. Black belt generally takes 8-10 years depending on student. You get out of it what you put into it. We love eye gouging, nerve pinches, attacking sensitive areas (it's encouraged to hit those preferably) and knife fighting and wooden horse fighting. Yep, we even train to use like a road block wood horse to fight with... And even slap fighting.

I took a Hap Ki Do class at my college this last semester. Its in cooperation with the best dojo in town and they also do Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and a little Kumdo (Chinese sword art). When I can afford it, and lose some weight I'll be joining them. They are really affordable, and the current master, and also the one running the school, as the master has a job, were taught by grand master Yu, who studied under 2 famous generals in Korea and each invented the modern form of one of the 2 Korean martial arts he studied.

I did Ninjitsu when I was a bit younger and got to the point of advancing into the yellow belt (high ranking, I know), but a job offer pulled me away. I was interested in doing muay thai/MMA, but never had the time to commit to it these past few years due to uni.

At the moment it looks like I'll be moving to Japan by the end of the year for a job for 3 years, so I'm interested in doing Kyokushin Karate (the full-contact version).

I expect there are plenty of people around here who are into martial arts. I myself am a master of the Toad Style of the Kwan Lun School, and the Buddhist Palm Which Falls from Heaven.

Aren't those from the movie Kung Fu Hustle? Are they real?

Forget those puny arts, I have studied the words of Lu-Tze, the only master of Deja Fu.

It has been a few years, but I had studied muay thai, boxing and jiu-jitsu. I have an unbroken . . . losing streak in sanctioned jiu-jitsu tournaments. In my defense, I was usually competing against people half my age.

I studied a variety in college, but haven't had time to keep up with it:

*Muay Thai (my personal favorite of the list)
The guy who taught my instructor was a victor in 86 blood ring matches in the Philippines. Dude knew what worked and what didn't.
*Tae Kwon Do
*Knifefighting (rubber training knives still hurt)

Plus splashes of several other disciplines. Our training included a lot of different scenarios (like how to disarm opponents, fighting against superior numbers, etc.).


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