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👀 How about that episode of game of thrones....jeesh! (Yes spoilers)

Originally Posted by Raistlinmc View Post
Awww, give the man a break, Banana. He just checked himself into rehab.
To be fair, I half expect Kit Harrington is having an identity crisis right now. Honestly it is probably good that he checked himself in to a wellness center rather than go on the oh so familiar Hollywood path of booze and drugs. Let the poor guy take some time to readjust to a non-game of thrones world. Heck, go spend some time with your wife and maybe take a vacation?

His rather blunt defense of Game of Thrones was probably more him defending the actors and crew rather than the writers. I mean that did have to spend, what, 40+ nights to out in the freezing cold to shoot that Battle of Winterfell episode? That alone would make you either very close friends or very deep enemies depending on your patience and tolerance.

Also note that he's now looking at a career that will most likely be overshadowed by GoT for decades. He'll be lucky to get any decent parts that aren't basically Jon Snow expys. Very likely, his bread and butter will be going to cons, where he can apparently now look forwards to decades of being told how much he sucks. Yeah, he's a bit mad at the haters.

He could do what Mark Hamill did and become a batman villian.

Originally Posted by Dreadwave View Post
He could do what Mark Hamill did and become a batman villian.
So Kite-man or the condiment king?

Hamill turned out to be a far better voice actor than he was a screen actor. Not that he was all that bad on screen, but post Star Wars, he turned the fact that he was A) too recognizable and B) scarred from a nasty car accident, into something that gave him reason to develop his talents off screen. And did he ever. Harrington could certainly do worse than follow his lead, but it remains to be seen if he has the talent. Much more likely he'll end up like the majority of well known genre actors, finding it darn hard to get any work off the convention circuit.

British actors operate in a somewhat different world from US ones, one that’s smaller and less ruthless about throwing away the recognizable faces.

It obviously does happen, and it’s very tough for people further down the celebrity ladder who aren’t as recognizable, but once someone is “established” as an actor, there tend to be parts for them in television, theater, and radio (BBC Radio 4 means that radio drama is still a living form in Britain) that mean that they can keep working.

It’s bad in its own way. It’s a notoriously incestuous world in which it’s hard to break in and things like having gone to RADA are disproportionately important. But as long as someone doesn’t pose significant problems as someone with whom to work, they can generally keep working once they’re on the Kit Harington level. Not fantastic wealth on the level that US stars can command, but reasonably remunerative work.

EDIT: Looked up Harington’s earlier career to get a sense of his overall profile, and while he may disappear from US view, I think he’ll be fine. He has strong and well-regarded stage stuff on his CV, and there’s lots of things to do there (e.g. the RSC) for which being typecast as Jon Snow would be a positive synergy. (Also for prestige television costume dramas.)

And speaking just a little cynically, if his acting career were not to work out, he’s not likely to be desperate. His father is a baronet.

Originally Posted by Voord 99
His father is a baronet.
What what whaaat?! *goes to wikipedia immediately........*

Well.... you learn something new each day!

You have a fair point, I was not considering the difference between the US and UK acting worlds and it is significant. Still, I suspect he's at least aware of the possibility, however unlikely and it might shape his attitude towards detractors at least a bit.

Oh possibly. I’m not really commenting on his reaction as such (which I didn’t read). After all, I don’t know him personally and don’t know what he’s like as a human being, what he’s emotionally invested in, and so on.

Just commenting on his general career prospects for the future, judged as objectively as one can in an uncertain world in which all kinds of unexpected things can happen. I’ll mention that I’m no expert - I have one friend who works in this area in the UK, but that’s the extent of my personal knowledge.

Probably the last place I wanna be posting. But, if I already know what happens at the end of the whole series, should I still go and watch it all? I haven't seen more than 1 or 2 episodes of GoT, but I always hear all the spoilers. So I feel I have watched it through other peoples' stories.

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