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Science Fantasy - System and Theme

Science Fantasy - System and Theme

I've been wanting to GM a game in a science fantasy setting, but am having some trouble locking down some big details. I know I want the game to have a mix of fantasy races and magic, alongside sci-fi future technology like hacking, robots, and maybe even spaceships.

First off, I'm leaning toward running the game using Fate. The inspiration for the game comes from other systems like Shadowrun and Starfinder... but I am not a fan of crunchy rules heavy systems, especially in PBP. Has anyone played in Fate game like this? Any input/feedback? I know I'd have to hack Fate a little, but I have a pretty good idea on how to make it all work.

Second, I'm not sure if I want to run a noir-distopian-intrigue type of game (cyberpunk) or a more space opera type of game. If I run a more cyberpunk game, I'm thinking I'll limit the setting to a futuristic city. If more of a space driven game, then the scope would be a system of planets. I have campaign ideas for both, just unsure what people would be more interested in playing.

Any feedback or thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Fate is a little sloppy for PhB IMO. I'm running right now a Star wars game with the 5th edition conversion. The system also work pretty well with the usual DnD classes too, which is awesome. You just have reskin as you need and you have solid system for a fantasy sci fi (since it's exactly the theme of SW). Check this out:

Star Wars 5th Conversion
Starships system

Maybe a PBTA game that is in an urban fantasy setting. Urban Shadows, Blades in the Dark (and the hack Runners in the Dark for more fantasy), and Sixth World are all PBTA games that you might be interested in. However, they are all kinda niche games so if you want more players you might just have to go with a more well known system.

Do you have any experience with the Cortex system? I think it has a decent mix of crunch and narrative elements. The variants I've played, at least.

Have you looked into the Suzerain setting? It's for Pathfinder and Savage Worlds and has both science and fantasy. It also has the perks of having a really crazy planar setting.


FATE works pretty well in PbP, better often than 3.5 level crunchy things. Aspects to build in race or sci-fi elements pretty well. Another one you might want to look at is City of Mist. It is a PBTA system, but can have "powers" for your magical/fantasy elements and sci-fi things as well. There is a free starter set that I think covers the mechanics well enough to do character generation, I think most of the core books are game advice, setting, and examples.

I'm running a Numenera game right now, but the Cypher system is perfectly oriented for this kind of mixed genre game. I actually wanted to design and GM a Black Ocean-esque setting, but I decided I needed to pay attention to all the games I am already running. They actually discuss exactly how to manage this kind of setting in the Cypher corebook. In any case, I'm totally down for the set when and if you post an ad...

Thanks for the feedback regarding system. I don't know why I didn't of PBTA. It's one of my favorite in real life. Now to do more digging and maybe hacking to get it to work. Are PBTA games pretty popular here on the weave?

Any thoughts regarding the setting? Dystopia cyberpunk city? Or epic space adventure?

Savage Worlds works well for pretty much anything, and works well on MW.

PBTA has a following and seems like games get a good set of applications here. Me, I would be more down with space instead of dystopia cyberpunk. There are more dystopian futures/cyberpunk games ie. shardowrun type games than space fantasy games.


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