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I am playing in a game (Individualllllityyyyyyy)in which the DM played a disappearing act and hasn't returned in a month and a half.


P.S. I know it is confusing at first, but if you go to the the Xtras threadgroup and post a comment in the OOC thread there I and a few faithfuls will walk you through it.

Hey y'all. Our 3.5 DM has decided that he can no longer DM for our monsters-vs-humans game (with us as the monsters), and he's tossing it up for someone else to take over.

The details are here.

We PCs would love to have a go at this game, and if we can find a good, steady DM, I can all but guarantee that we'll have a long run ahead of us.

I'm certainly willing to help in any way that is necessary, and something tells me the others will as well. C'mon in and give us a go!

[edit] Also, I don't think he mentioned that it's a gestalt game...

Originally Posted by Khakhan View Post
Hey, requesting a sort of half rescue. Tales of a Mercenary is a game I run on here. Trouble is, I had an assistant GM who kind of vanished and I need a second GM to help out so's I don't burnout on the entire thing.

Any takers?
What help do you need?

I represent a body of players with great interest in a M&M 3E Fairy Tail game where the DM disappeared shortly after posting the game ad. He's been gone for a few days and we feel that he ain't coming back anymore.

The interested players have all stated that they are unable to take over the disappeared DM, myself included. Any kind soul out there with experience in M&M 3E and willingness to run the game take over? We're still at the recruitment stage, so there's no fixed plots or ideas at the moment.

Thank you very much for reading this.


Since Nick hasnt pointed it out yet. Nick is taking on the Fairy Tail project as a Freeform game.

The DM for Foundation of a Leaf has not logged in for approximately a month and a half. I was hoping that he would come back, but that appears to be unlikely at this point. When I asked if a new DM should be sought, a response came within eleven minutes, suggesting to me that the players, at least, are still interested in running the game.

It is using the latest set of Naruto D20 rules and is set shortly after the Hidden Leaf's founding. If you are interested in helping with a restart of the game, I would greatly appreciate it.

The OOC and Game threads seem to have been made private, but I will be requesting that this be remedied shortly.
Edit: The threads have been made public to all.

Thank you for your wonderful work thus far.

The threads are public now.
~ Whisper

Edit: Yes, thank you Whisper.

It's really difficult to determine what this game is about, W_M. Can you offer some sort of blurb for people to know what they're looking at, please?

it should all be in there. There are 1-2 Jedi (one might have dropped) and a few soldiers.
They are on an escort carrier on a mission to retireive some dark techonology from an alien ship in deep space.
Link to military breifing

3.5 Game:

Shadow Over Eberron

Bunch of misfit PCs doing a job for a gnome who wears masks covered in jewels (and calls himself Mask) currently exploring a Temple (Giant's) from which he has heard no reply from the original group he sent down there.

Last IC post from GM was 14th Sept, last OOC post was 26th Sept.

We are all keen to continue (except for Wippit who dropped out).

GM said he really didint want to see the game die but hasn't continued it.

My character is a ranger who specialises in torture, has a false eye (with constant Detect Magic) and a false arm and leg (like Full Metal Alchemist, but no benefits from them).

If anyone would like to take it over come and see us in the OOC! We are already doing a rollcall!

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