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Myth Weavers' Milestones

True that. I've had players last more than 7 months, and I've had a player last the entire game on several occasions, but never all of them. Well done. :-)

That is quite cool. I've long concluded that the art of successfully rerecruiting is essential to a long running game, but if you don't need to, that's even better.

I got more or less lucky on selecting this group. I brought over a few from another game, two or three players I think. The rest I recruited. It is for a Paranoia game so the interest level is very low. I always just just accept whoever wants to join. This group proved to be one of my best groups as a whole. They are all active, funny, post well, and willing to give the game a nudge if need be.

Honorable mentions in no particular order, espcially not from like the most to least:

Mystic Lemur

Claremont Academy just past it's five year anniversary a few months back. And it's still going strong and active.

Spirit of the Century just passed it's four year mark last month. Also still going strong and active.

I also have two other games coming up on their two year anniversaries and a couple more edging in on the one year mark.

Oh, and I also just passed 25k posts myself.

Oh, probably not. But it's never really been a big contest for me. I'm content at being only the third most numerous poster.

907 posts and counting.... 100 more til i hit 1,000!!

Congrats Magius!

And I don't know of Claremont Academy counts, Ruben. I hear a lot of dorks and nerds play that. All sorts of 'nerdcore rap', 'weird theaters in Portland' gives Hammie a bad vibe.

While the game has changed titles, jumped between DMs, and contained one of the truly great posters here in the Weave, Hammie also has a game that turns five on the 15th of this month.

Wow. Congrats everyone who is managing tens of thousands...

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