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What are you reading?

Originally Posted by RedRajah View Post
I actually have auditioned for Jeopardy and made it to the interview stage. Apparently saying that you want to use your winnings to pay off your student loans isn't "sexy" enough if that producer was correct...
Further than I've made it. So far. Oh so many things I could say about saying how winnings are spent... But that's off-topic.

Heard good things about David & Leigh Eddings and picked up a series of theirs (The Dreamers)...and am now wondering what the heck those people were thinking. Interesting idea for a story certainly, which was enough for me to force my way through almost the entirety of the first book, but the truly terrible writing and incredibly bland and one-dimensional characters is just too much. Is this a series of theirs aimed towards pre-teens, or are all of their series like this?

Sorry you had a bad experience with the Dreamers series, but it isn't exactly unique of their writing. Clear good/evil divides, usually a item-of-power SOMEWHERE in the story that usually only emphasizes the main character is/was a BAMF the entire time, world-ending threat WILL be defeated usually not through direct confrontation but instead by tricking it into destroying itself. All of their stuff can end up in to pre-teen section of your favorite bookstore, but most of it has rather impressive and subtle world building.

Even if you don't like their style, check out "The Riven Codex". It's not a story, it's their world document and process for creating the background structure of their first series, "The Belgariad". It's a good case study into world building, and when/if you read the series, another case study into subtly using those elements.

Good to know, I'll be sure to avoid the remainder of their work. It's a shame, really, since the basic premise was solid and had such potential I was hoping the parts I didn't like weren't typical to their novels.

Thanks for the suggestion of the "The Riven Codex", I'll check it out. The world building was the interesting part of the novel I was reading, so more insight into that sounds like just the right thing.

I'd say that's a very fair analysis of the Eddings' work. I used to enjoy it when I was much younger, but then they produced too many series that followed the same pattern and I got tired of it. Especially the whole "second series with the same characters" bit which didn't even work that well the first time they did it (Belgariad/Malorean).


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