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Reign of Winter, Abridged

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Reign of Winter, Abridged

Reign of Winter - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

This ad is for an ongoing game. The players are close to finishing the second chapter of the first book. We're looking for 1 applicant to join the fun. Currently the party consists of:
  • Oalo Sol, Elven Skald
  • Majet Stone, Half-elven Cleric of Erastil
  • Sigrid Ulrichsdottir, Aasimar Wizard
  • Vili Goodhammer, Handsome Dwarven
    Inquisitor of Torag

The players have expressed a desire for someone to be the front line, able to take a hit and dish at the same time. Starting level is 4. You can find the character generation rules here, and place your application in this thread. Application deadline will be short,
December 28
2 weeks.

Good Luck!


Waldsby: Unlike most communities in the winter bound land of Irrisen, the village of Waldsby is not built near one of the nation's life-giving rivers or lakes. Instead, the peasants of Waldsby eke out their livelihoods from the Hoarwood Forest,
under whose eaves the tiny village huddles. Ruled by the White Witch Nazhena Vasilliovna from her pale tower of ice, the people of Waldsby form a tight-knit community suspicious of outsiders and fearful of witchcraft, and they have a vested interest in keeping the attention of the white witches from turning toward their homes and families.

Hoarwood Forest: Once part of the Djurstor Confederacy and home to a thriving forest culture, the Hoarwood Forest changed dramaticlaly with the coming of Baba Yaga and the cruelty of Irrisen's eternal winter. With the cycle of seasons broken, every deciduous tree in the forest either perished or went dormant, leaving only evergreens. Within a generation, the spread of Baba Yaga's winteryew trees provided enough of a foundation for some of the wildlife to rebound, but the forest was never the same again. Since the reign of Queen Jadwiga, logging in the forest is strictly regulated, and woodcutters or lumberjacks must be licensed in the city of Hoarwood before they can cut even a single branch or face a death sentence if caught. Beyond these few woodspeople, the wild reaches of the forest are home to asocial fur trappers and multiple tribes of boreal ogres, snow goblins, and taiga giants, who are often too busy fighting one another to make trouble for the small settlements sheltering under the forest's eaves. Many stories of wandering, restless spirits are told across the province - tales of ghostly parties of mounted huntsmen, lone weeping women, and incorporeal wolves hungry for the flesh of the living.
Traveling in the Hoarwood off one of the established trails is an endeavor that should not be undertaken lightly.


The Scene: For whatever reason, you find yourself alone within the frozen forest of Hoarwood. Though it is midday, the sun hides its face from the eternal winterland of Irrisen. Passing beneath the snowbound branches of a winteryew, the sound of a nearby battle reaches your ears. Creeping closer, curiosity drawing you forth, you spy a black rider upon a black horse, surrounded by ephemeral wolf-like shapes in the snowfall. The rider sweeps his mighty spear through the mass of attackers, where the weapon touches the wolves become like smoke, and vanish.

His attention on the snarling animals, he fails to see a cloaked figure rise from a snowdrift behind him. The fur-lined cloak conceals the shape of the ambusher, who points a finger at the rider. A jagged blue icy sear fires from her outstretched arm, slamming into the rider. He groans and falls forward in the saddle, pierced through by the deadly weapon.

Stunned by the assault, the rider slowly rises and casts his gaze about to find the source of the spear. His eyes find yours, however, locking onto you regardless of the snow between you. He whispers a word, unheard in the roar of the winter wind. It resonates in your mind, demanding and urgent. It is all you hear, all you can think upon.

Help me.

Compelled, you move forward to engage the snowy white wolves. With surprise on your side, you manage to remove the worst of the threat. The tide of the battle turning against them, they turn heel and flee. In the distance, the cloaked figure curses and melts back into the snowdrift.


Another word, this equally urgent and mind-numbingly demanding, echoes in your mind. Compelled further, you have little desire to do anything but obey. And so you follow, the rider slumping forward in the saddle but persisting in the journey. Cresting a small hill, you come upon a shallow valley. A bank of quill-like icicles spear outward in a ring, seemingly grown from a heavy sheet of ice covering the ground. A second ring of giant icicle-shaped monoliths stands inside the outer ring, surrounding a swirling cylindrical vortex easily ten feet in diameter. Icy winds and driving snow blast towards the vortex, draw in by the energy of the portal.

Enter the portal.

You hear the words in your mind, but the complusion no longer makes it's irresistable demand. It is your choice, and yet you still step through behind the rider.

Game Description:

The Reign of Winter Adventure Path is on its way, and unseasonable pockets of winter are appearing all over Golarion. Itís surely no coincidence that this is the time when the Queen of Witches, Baba Yaga, is scheduled to return to the frozen land of Irrisen. Will the PCs discover the sinister plot behind these winter pockets and stop them from spreading, or will Golarion be locked in an eternal ice age?

This will be an abridged version of the Reign of Winter Adventure Path. While it's a great adventure to run on a tabletop or virtual tabletop, PBP has certain constraints. I've run this adventure at home before, to great results, but.. there are certain encounters within the storyline that seem to serve little purpose other than to pad the page numbers, expand the PC's list of loots, and give experience. I intend to trim down about 50% or more of the encounters.


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