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Mystic Homelands: Lights in the Dark

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Mystic Homelands: Lights in the Dark

Mystic Homelands: Lights in the Dark - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Republic of Widda
Capital City of Catha-Raal
The Adventurer's Guild
1961 A.D.W.

Growing up, you had heard stories about this place; The Adventurer's Guild. Run by a mysterious half-elf, legitimized less than 50 years ago, and unique to Widda, it defied labels or explanation. Once the doors were opened, boisterous noise and laughter flooded out into the streets of Catha-Raal from the three story wooden structure, along with the smell of hearty food of every sort, alcohol, and the sting of leather, steel, forgesmoke, acrid chemicals, and even incense. This was the home of the Adventurers; mercenaries for hire whose motivations were as myriad as the stars, but who worked for the betterment of Widda, so long as the money or the fame was good enough. Respected and yet also seen as slightly insane, it was a career that only the foolhardy or suicidal sought as a first choice. Or so some people said. Others thought differently. You might have been one of them.

You walked inside, and took the first fateful steps to fortune or folly...

4-6 Adventurers for Assorted Tasks and Difficulties in and around the Republic of Widda!
Only the dedicated Need Apply!

Character Creation Rules: Here
World Information Here
Player Expectations and DM Compact

-I'm looking for 4 to 6 committed and active players for a homebrew 5th Edition game. Take a look at the world, see if it appeals. If you think you have what it takes, put in an app. You'll see familiar monsters with unfamiliar names, a different pantheon, and lots of opportunities for crazy adventures. Applications will be accepted through December 23rd at 7 P.M. CST: Any applications not finished by that time will be ignored from the final selection process. Due to the sensitive nature of the DM/Private threads, I also will not be accepting any Readers.

Game Description:

Walvenlight spanned the whole of the continent of Ashra. The Empire of Magic was the stronghold of humanity, the beacon of all that was best, plagued by the vices and greed of its worst. All that it was, all that it could have been, was shattered in a war against extraplanar invaders, with Walvenlight exhausting itself to extinction to spare the world from that menace.

...So the legends say.

Around 200 years later, Ashra is an alien landscape to the world that was. Deprived of central authority, the survivors eke out a living in tiny pockets of rough civilization. Lacking the institutions and infrastructure of what was, magic has become the province of pariahs and the privileged, or bestowed haphazardly upon the ill-starred. And without a standing civil or military presence to enforce order and safeguard the masses, wildness and a resurgence of barbaric demihumans and worse things besides have erupted from manageable numbers to life-threatening proportions.

Into this uncertain world, there are few with the training and skills to go further than a sparse living, and fewer still with the courage and the hunger to try for it. They are the defenders of what is left, the protectors of the tiny lights flickering in the dark. For glory, for fame, for wealth, for knowledge, for power, for peace, or for hope. There are many reasons to brave oblivion in the uncertain times, but all who try are painted with the same brush.

They are the few willing to roll the dice.
They are Adventurers.

The Law of Awesome- The success of an idea, plan or scheme is directly proportional to how ludicrous, ridiculous, or batsh** insane it sounds upon explanation.
"I've got a plan that's so crazy it HAS to work!"

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This looks great! I'll have an application in sometime in the next day.

next couple days... sorry, got busy today. [/edit]

And while it's probably apparent, yes, this is a homebrew setting.

We have another week and...three days before this game's application period will be concluded. Still time for anyone interested to throw their hat in the ring!

I have to ask a couple questions. 1. What are we doing as far as character creation? Are we epic level 20's or aspiring level 1's?
2. I am new to pbp on mythweavers (not to pbp as a whole just on this site.) Where and how do I send an application (sorry for the stupid question.)

Use the links; they will direct you to the character creation rules, world info, and player expectations. Those should answer your questions.

One more week before I close the application and decide on my players. Still time for anyone interested to throw their hat in the ring!


please close this thread. The application period is now closed.

@Erico You can close ads by going to the Edit Game tab and changing the status to closed

Originally Posted by Ploogle View Post
@Erico You can close ads by going to the Edit Game tab and changing the status to closed
@Ploogle doing God's work, again

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