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Great nilbog commands!

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Great nilbog commands!

Infiltration - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

"In mountains far ahead lays great treasure my subjects! The wretched dwarfs have made their hidden fortress unaccessible for thousands upon thousands of years, but now, I, the great Nilbog, finnaly know it's location! And I send you, my best of the best, elite of elites to infiltrate it, to find it's weak points, so great goblinkind can deal a indescribably great blow to our sworn enemies!"

As your king finishes, you look around yourself. The Nilbog sits upon his throne made of bones and skulls of fallen enemies, dwarfs, elves, humans and even digraced memebers of your race. In his great wisdom the Nilbog sends your team on probably suicidal, but crutial mission. And you obey. You obey because you are a goblinoid and Nilbog is king of all goblins, so he is your king. You and your companions salute, scream at His magnificent praise, and head out of Undermountain to face what awaits you above ground...

This is evil game where group of "bold" goblinoids, goblins, bugbears or hobs, venture togheter to infiltrate maybe the mightiest dwarf fortress of all time! But dwarfs are paranoid and stalwart lot so be prepered for heavy resistance. And I assure you, traps and guards will be the least of your problems...

If you are intrested read creation rules and make an application in application folder!

Game Description:


Dwarfs are united and paranoid race. That are resons for creating Akamkulet Tholtosid Zanos, Fortuneabbey the Deep-Armor of Hope, a supposed last bastion of dwarven race. Heavly fortified and self-sustainable it's location, and existance, are hidden from all other races, and even most dwarfs are unaware of it's being.

But after thousands of years in seclusion, it's secret is out...

One renegade dwarf has escaped the Tholtosid in search of adventure, but instead he found demise. On his first dungeon, his party was defeated by an host of goblins. Seeing dwarf's unusual equipment, goblin decided to bring it to Nilbog Govos Agothsherik, king of Sumspangosla, the Undermountain. The great Nilbog, in all his wisdom, interrogated and tortured the foul creature. After ten years of screams and agony the dwarf broke and revealed location of it's home. The most wise Nilbog, in all his greatness, gathered his most skilled subjects to infiltrate the Tholtosid, learn it's secrets, and report back, so the goblinkind can strike those wretched creatures in their most vital place!


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