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Weaving Melodies and Bards Songs

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Hello, fellow adventurers. I'm opening up another 3.5 game, this one based on my homebrew world. If I can have a moment of your time to take a look, I would greatly appreciate it.

The story takes place in a world with six kingdoms, each with their own stories to tell. I will pick where the players start, but the info I laid out from all of them can help you set up your background. The initial plot, however, can be boiled down to this: four adventurers start a job as security and the rest unfolds from there! Yes, it can become a sandbox campaign and it's my job as the DM to tell you what you'll find wherever you go and keeping it awesome.

Here's what you can expect:

-A standard fantasy world with its own quirks and flaws. And a ton of references.
-Characters with dreams, both little and big.
-The potential to journey across time and space, and by that I don't mean just the Inner and Outer Planes.
-A PG-13 environment.
-A heck of a good time.

Lastly, here's what I ask.

-Be able to post at least once a day.
-A 3rd level character sheet (Character creation rules can be found in the game forum)
-The campaign can turn into a good or evil one, but what I ask is for the players to work together to make the magic happen, no matter how much their characters hate each other's guts.
-Lastly, be friendly to one another.

Any questions, feel free to ask them!

"Your ultimate fate, your final doom...is always just a roll of the dice away."
~Goblin Slayer manga, Ch. 22

Game Description:

Welcome to the world of Io. It is unknown how the planet got its name; some say it was a homage to the Ninefold Dragon, while others say the name was just one out of many chosen when the time came to name the planet. Nobody knows for sure, but it's not a subject that often comes up; it is a name that everyone has gotten used to and grown to love.

What to expect?

1. References. Tons of them. There are characters and places I came up on my own, then there are others that came from something. It happens.
2. Some things were inspired by anime, and while I will not throw in anything incredibly weird, this also falls under #1. It happens.
3. A mixture of combat and roleplay and personally I believe both are necessary in any campaign. Want to run for mayor and throw the old one out? Probably takes several sessions' worth of posts of pure roleplay. Want to do bounty hunts? Check your local tavern and have fun. Want to take on the 100 monster challenge? Expect nothing but combat for a while. (Threw that last one as a joke but you know what I mean, eh?)
4. This campaign can eventually become a sandbox one. If you have no time sensitive quests, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Expand on your backstory, add some drama, or just do something crazy.
5. Colorful NPCs. Some NPCs are what you typically expect: your average Joe, Dick, or Tom trying their best to live life day in and day out. Others have stories to tell. And some potential allies and enemies, too.
6. I'm throwing away the Leadership feat and in exchange you can potentially recruit NPC allies to your cause. This is a chance for roleplay and allow you to create another sheet (if you so desire) for something that you have wanted to play. In the case of NPCs, there are quite a handful that would be happy to help you if you have taken some time (and sometimes even risks) to help them. Keep in mind alignment comes into play here, and no good person would happily help you slaughter a village, for example.

"Being strong on your own is meaningless. You always need others to utilize your own power. And you need a world where they can all be at their best." ~Shiroe, Log Horizon
Originally Posted by Aeyani View Post
Do you have a solid deadline for applications?
Day after Christmas is the final day to submit it, so you have exactly one week.

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