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Mortal Combat in the City of Serpents: Primeval Thule!

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Mortal Combat in the City of Serpents: Primeval Thule!

High Adventure in Primeval Thule - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Peril and glory await!

My ideal party of 5 player characters is 1 barbarian, 1 fighter or ranger, 1 cleric or druid, 1 rogue, & 1 wizard.
I will still consider other classes if players want them, especially if the character concept seems interesting and fits the setting.
All player characters must begin as young adults and at first level.
For detailed instructions and guidelines for all player characters, please see: Character Creation.

For lore about the fictional world, please see: Setting.

Game Description:

Civilization is doomed: Atlantis has fallen, the Ice Ages have begun, and the elder races have foreseen their own extinction. Now iron and steel are worth more than silver or gold, and human slaves are often cheaper at auction than are chariot horses, but a single book of lost wizard spells might be bartered for a great palace or host of mercenaries, and bold reavers can plunder fortunes to become as rich as kings. Behold the world of Primeval Thule at the end of an age undreamed of!

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Our story shall begin in the gladiatorial arena of Ikath, an ancient city-state upon the shores of the inner sea, where priests offer blood sacrifices to idols of dark gods, and men and women mingle with the last of the Atlanteans, serpent-people, and mummified necromancers. Beyond the walls are vast jungles, full of savage tribes, prehistoric beasts, and forgotten ruins.

You were drugged: you tasted the Black Lotus, which brings forth maddening visions and nightmares. Perhaps your enemies had you poisoned, or perhaps instead you willingly sought out the lotus flower in order to sate your curiosity, or your addiction, or your lust to learn arcane secrets. You dream for hours, or days, or longer still, until you suddenly awaken in an arena, garbed as a gladiator slave, forced to battle for the entertainment of the crowds that jeer above you!
Will you perish in the fighting-pit of Ikath? Or will you rise out of slavery to become a conqueror?
Survive, escape, adventure far and wide, face fierce primordial monsters, tame exotic creatures and claim fabulous treasures, outwit your adversaries or slay all of those that oppose you, and someday you might live to tread the jeweled thrones of the Young Earth beneath your bare and booted and sandalled feet.

5th edition Dungeons & Dragons


Recommended reading:
Clark Ashton Smith's "The Tale of Satampra Zeiros"

R.E. Howard's "Xuthal of the Dusk"

Lord Dunsany's "The Fall of Babbulkund"

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The time is near!

For anyone that might have missed our the Game Planning thread (Gladiators of Ikath / Primeval Thule), this is a Sword & Sorcery game based on the extraordinary and fantastic Primeval Thule setting by R Baker, S Schubert, and D Noonan.

The players characters will begin enslaved in the gladiatorial arena of Ikath, the notorious City of Serpents. Player characters may escape slavery in the fighting-pits to become conquerors or mighty figures of destiny and legend, or if luck is not with them, die in a gruesome but memorable or meaningful way.

If our campaign proves to be successful over the long term, then the player characters should continue to adventure far and wide through exotic locations, from untamed jungles across hurricane seas to fuming volcanic islands and onward to the lands of the mammoth and the mastodon, palaces of raksashas and efreet and ogre magi, and even to drowned Atlantis and strange outer dimensions. The realm of Primeval Thule is vast, but no matter where you wander, the world will grow even more dangerous: city-states will fall, and powerful magic-users and otherworldly horrors shall arise. Player characters might eventually be able to seize thrones for themselves by becoming the saviors of ancient civilizations, and/or unite the hordes to pillage rich and decadent cities.

The published campaign book is rich in colorful details, but there is no need or expectation for players to purchase any supplementary materials: I have done my best to provide all the most pertinent information on my Myth-Weavers role-play forum, including many of my own personal tweaks, reinterpretations, idiosyncrasies and additions. I am happy to expand my outline if anyone wishes for more on a particular faction, region, etc. or to clarify anything that is confusing in any way. I also wish to encourage potential players to feel free to create their own lost tribes, remote isles, secret organizations, etc to incorporate into their character backgrounds, although I reluctantly must reserve the right to veto anything that I feel is inappropriate or problematic. Players also get extra bonuses or abilities for choosing Narratives, and may opt to write their own original Narrative, like the Crusader, Hex-Bound Harbinger, Hypaspist, Tomb Raider, or the Xuthal Forsaken.
Originally Posted by "Primeval Thule in 7 Sentences" by Baker, Schubert & Noonan
1. Thule Is Barbaric
2. The Wilderness Is Savage and Spectacular
3. Cities Are Wicked Places
4. The World Is Mysterious
5. Magic Is a Secret Man Was Not Meant to Know
6. Ancient Evils Threaten to Destroy Humankind
7. Thule Is a World of Adventurers, Not Heroes
We already have a lot of great players interested (too many in fact!), and I will absolutely stop accepting any more new potential players in just a few short days.
So what are you waiting for?

I think I'm going to try and get an app in for this before the deadline. I'm not familiar with Swords & Sorcery nor the Thule Setting, but those books are going on my to read list whether I get in the game or not. Very cool looking.

I just noticed you got Holy Diver for your Epic Music Video. I like your style.

The time is nigh!

Thanks! If you read the official material, you may notice that I have changed a few names and altered or expanded upon a few details. There is a short Primeval Thule Traveler's Guide booklet that is available as a FREE download from several legitimate sources, should you prefer not to spend money on a purchase.

This game has been very successful in attracting player interest and I am eager to start playing. I will close this advertisement in two more days, and I cannot accept any more new player character submissions for very long afterward. I will allow just a few short days after that for players to complete character sheets they have already started. Then on to the adventure!

The time is at hand!

I feel very fortunate to have drawn the interest of so many potential players inspired to create excellent characters.
This advertisement is now closed. Please no more submissions from new players at this time. I will allow a little longer to finish or change characters that are still incomplete, and then make my final decisions regarding the player party soon, thank you all.

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