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Hells Rebels

Feat tax is at least worth taking a look at. Plenty of good quality of life improvements without changing too much there. Spheres takes a bit of time to get good with.

Interested. In the game that is.

PF1 without Spheres and the whole Feat-Tax thing is just fine, Cresteddrake. I'm looking forward to you running the AP.

I'm very interested in playing. Wanted to do this with my old tabletop group, but then I moved states.

Okay well I own the physical books so i will be buying the PDF's so that I may copy certain details rather then have to type every detail over from the physical books just for my own sanity since I am also writing my own AP right now that kind of takes the idea of the Ruins of Azlant AP and does what I feel to be better then what they did with it in the official AP. so that has been eating time like no other currently since starting something is always rough. plus like I said I am running the Hell's Rebels adventure path IRL as well on Friday nights and fabbing together using cardboard some battleground settings for yet another campaign I am running on sunday's. lol so what I am saying is I play Pathfinder a little too much but I also get huge satisfaction out of it so.........

Lol. I'm doing the same thing with RoA for the Eberron setting and a lot has to be tweaked to make it work. I'll probably run that game IRL rather than here. I'll def be putting together an app for Hell's.

I'm up for whatever you good folks may be cooking up. Always enjoy our games together here.


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