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Quest for Power

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Quest for Power

Quest for Power - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Quest for Power

Part One: Rise of the Akhac'tal

"Welcome to the Bright Star Adventuring Company! I can find you the opportunities you seek. I can support you. I can protect you. If I may say so, you look like you could use a little protecting. It's a dangerous world out there!"

"For a small fee, you become my agents. You can go forth with the assurance you will be paid. You keep all the treasure you find. My man will accompany you to make sure you are well treated."

Being a fresh, new adventurer out to make his/her fortune, mark, or way in the world, this sounds like as good a place to start as any. Having a sponsor and some experienced help may make the difference between success and... well, we don't really have to go there, do we?

Character Creation Rules: here.

Game options not your cup of tea? That's ok. Pop over to my World-building brainstorm thread here and tell everyone about your favorite city, organization, BBEG, or suggestion to flesh out one of the three nations. Thanks in advance! I will be using the best elements to add to the world and lore for this game.

Of course, I will incorporate elements used in creating the characters I choose to play as well.

Game Description:

A land in a delicate balance of power. A land shared by three nations: one ruled by Good, one by Evil, the last neutral. Good and Evil never to ally, and Neutral caught between the other two.

Now a chaotic new force rises to upset the delicate balance these nations share.

Who rules these lands? How does the balance stay true? How does it affect life within these nations? You can help decide in this role-playing/roll-playing/world-building game.

This campaign encompasses all manner of types of environments, from wilderness, to dungeon, to city. Adventurers will witness and partake in the struggle for power to preserve or dominate the lands around them.

The first part of this campaign has the heroes accompanying a trade caravan south to the Wild Lands as employees of the Bright Star Adventuring Company. While a measure of trade exists with the goblins of Dhuugaan, and it is quite profitable, no foray into such lands is without some danger. That is where Bright Star and the adventurers enter.

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I must be the odd ball, my first group started with skeletons. Fast forward an hour, the monk with punching daggers was still fighting the skeleton.

Lesser undead are always a good option. Throw in a few zombies to make things interesting.

I doubt that is the case here; but like the ad says, there will be all kinds of terrain and adventures so probably a little bit for everyone.

I like starting at lower levels -- I do like starting at lv 2 a bit better though. It allows for a bit more character depth at start.

Yeah; but it is also pretty easy to get to level 2 really.
One good initial adventure/job/etc can get everyone there.

The last day to create an application will be Friday, Jan 18.

Better get in while the gettin's good!

Skill monkeys and arcane casters are in short supply!

Level 1 not spicy enough for you? Don't worry, these characters won't be level 1 for long.

My own personal belief is that Level 1-4 is best in person, at a table. It is the best for character development, because those levels shape your character. However as play by post can literally take a whole week to have a single conversation, it makes leveling up hard and often times the game dies out before the end of 6 months.

However, when playing at 5th+ level there is less need for the basic character development so many people forget to role play, and instead focus on roll play. If you force character interactions and have a relatively lively bunch of posters level 5+ can still be just as fun as the lower levels.

MY own personal love is for 5th+, but I still have some love for the low level games, just not on play by post. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you have fun with your campaign. (Just my two Copper pieces)

Not sure I understand why the longer periods of time between level-ups result in games dying. If the game is interesting and things are happening, is it really that important that the character level up fast? Is it really important that the character be higher level?

Such is the nature of PbP. If 2 cp is all you have to offer, Dirge, it's probably a good thing you didn't apply.

I have a good group of players now and if I do my job, they will enjoy the game no matter what level they are.
That being said, anyone can still apply until this Friday, Jan 18.


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