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Planefinder - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

Setting: Golarion Cosmology
Seeking: 4 to 5 Players
Deadline: January 22nd

Your powerful party has recently acquired Planar Keystone to the Astral Plane, you came seeking the legends of a powerful artifact, split across the planes:

The Rod of Seven Parts

Yulgamot, is the only safe city in the Astral Plane for planar travelers and there is one, in particular, you came to see...Silka, a female wyrdwood investigator famous for finding lost people and things. Many clues seem to indicate that the first part of the rod is somewhere in the Astral plane and she is your best chance at finding it.

The game is intended to be multi-genre, as fitting of the different planes that your party will visit and its various denizen. Visit to the Material world (Golarion) won't be the main focus.

Starting Levels and Basics
Level 8, 25 point buy, Max Hit points at 1st level, roll past 1st level.
Emerging Guns.
33,000 gp to spend on gear, no single magic item can be worth more than 9000 gp.
2 traits.
No Evil Alignment.
No pre-crafting.
Not using the feat tax rules, so don't ask.
All Paizo PFRG Materials
All Legendary Games
DSP Psionics and Akashic Mysteries
Akashic Trinity (City of 7 Seraphs)
Alternate Paths from Little Red Goblin Games

Leadership and Monstrous Cohorts
I do not mind people picking up the leadership feat for cohorts (Monstrous or humanoids), but a cohort isn't a PC, so stuffs to keep in mind:
-Cohorts are built like npc with the Heroic Array and also npc wealth (heroic ones).
-Just like npc, they have average hit points, no need to roll for that.
-Monstrous Cohorts just follow the usual rules.

House Rules and Additional Rules
-Background Skills
-Dynamic Magic Item Creation
-Combat Stamina Fighter start with Combat Stamina at 1st level for free. Other classes can pick up the feat.
-Group Initiative
-Plane shift requires specific Tuning Forks as described in Planar Adventures and have a cost depending on their rarity.

Questions? Post here
Applications? Post there

Game Description:

A cross planar adventure, with adventurers traveling the Great Beyond within Golarion Cosmology.

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True, but I want a small race. I'll have the app up and likely complete aside from equipment by tomorrow and we'll take it from there

Originally Posted by Madkerik View Post
Would a Kasatha monk/magus be okay?
Yes, assuming you mean monk or magus. This game doesn't use gestalt.

Originally Posted by The Foiler View Post
True, but I want a small race. I'll have the app up and likely complete aside from equipment by tomorrow and we'll take it from there
Aasimar can be small.

@Duskblade that's true. I won't go off on a tangent, but suffice to say I'm not a fan of them. I appreciate your suggestion, though, so thank you.


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