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Fledglings Wanted: Winston-Salem by Night, a V5 Chronicle

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Fledglings Wanted: Winston-Salem by Night (V5 Chronicle)

Winston By Night - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade


Rules System: Vampire the Masquerade, 5th Edition
Style: Heavy Roleplay, Personal Horror, Sandbox

Plot Hook: As the newest of the Blood, you have entered the night during an interesting time for your city of Winston-Salem: the Piedmont Triumvirate - the council of three Princes that lead the Triad domains of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point, North Carolina in the name of the Camarilla - teeter at the edge of an abyss. The Second Inquisition and Piedmont's Lupines howl at the gates, the Triad's elders vanish in the night as they are Beckoned one by one, and Anarch cells threaten to usurp them. As the largest these domains, Winston-Salem is the juiciest peach and is ripe for plucking. A coterie of young upstarts could cut out a rich piece or be the first of many to die again in the nights to come: the outcome rests in their hands, and they'll need skill and cunning to navigate Winston-Salem by Night.

Vampire the Masquerade: Vampire the Masquerade is a game of personal horror, violence, and the politics of the night. It's Chronicles deal with the descent into darkness and the struggle to maintain oneself. The 5th Edition, if anything, emphasizes these themes. Players should be comfortable with themes when applying.
Important Links
About the Game

Application Deadline: August 29th, 2018

Posting Guidelines: 2 posts a week from everyone is ideal. I generally don't post on weekends, and live in the UK so am currently on BST (or GMT otherwise). Your posts should include an ongoing stat block, which is included in the Character Creation process. I don't make requirements for length of your posts, but remember that every post is your chance to effect or push forward the story of the game!

Number of wanted players: 3-5

Miscellanea: With any game, I encourage people to be courteous in their discourse and open about their needs or wants. We all have stories we want to tell, and I take a collaborative approach to that end. Goes without saying that as GM, I have final say on what goes for the chronicle. Any questions, please post below or over in the OOC thread on the forum.

About the GM

I've playing and running games on and off for twenty plus years now. I've ran Vampire the Masquerade 20th Edition, played in many other World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness games. Plenty of D&D sprinkled in there and a lot of Fate. I'm a big fan of Vampire and am looking forward to running V5 for the first time.

Game Description:

A Chronicle of Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, in which fledgling vampires must survive their first nights and carve a place for themselves in the North Carolinian city of Winston-Salem.

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I have had a quick scan and I am interested, though the deadline says the 24th of August. Is that correct? I doubt I can get through character creation and create a character I am happy with along with mechanics (I am not a master of the system, having only played a few times). Just thought I would check!

Possibly. I'm not asking for you to delay things. Just thought I would check, I will have a deeper look into the game and likely give it a shot.

Sure thing. I think the current applicants could use a bit more time as well. Let me know if you have any questions over in the forum.

I have excerpts up of the character creation summary, so you could still jump in and learning by doing. Hunger Dice seem to be the most controversial mechanical change. Let me know if you have any questions.

How are Thin Bloods handled in the new edition? I'm wondering how easy it would be to adapt my Thin Blood Seer character that I keep trying to play and games keep going kerflooey before I can get much done with her

Quite easily @Pink Jedi Ranger. They're one of the "clan" options now, and practice a new discipline called Thin-Blood Alchemy. The gain access to other disciplines through feeding on vessels with a strong Resonance associated with a discipline, gaining a dot or two until their Hunger reaches 5 or they feed again.


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