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Columbia, Haight, and Everyone Else

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Columbia, Haight, and Everyone Else

Columbia By Night - Forum
World of Darkness

You have all seen some things.

You have all served the Council of Yakima through some difficult events.

But this is probably the most difficult mission you have ever had.

Credible and semi-verified of Samuel Haight, the Skinner himself, present in Columbia, South Columbia with some sort of supernatural Apocalypse initiator, was enough for the Council of Yakima to dispatch you all to hunt him down, take the Apocalypse initiator, and kill the Skinner if possible.

A disparate group, only time and your skill will tell if you all succeed or die in Columbia.
MechanicsThis is a high-powered Vampire The Masquerade 20th Anniversary/Werewolf The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary/Mage The Ascension 20th Anniversary crossover campaign set in Columbia, South Carolina. Things will build from the moment of your arrival, and your actions will have major consequences and effects.

Character Creation is covered here. Feel free to throw up a PC Applicant in the appropriate folder and join in with the Pre-Play OOC.

Selection will not be for a while, at least 30 days. All sources for the three above systems, as well as Elysium for Vampire the Masquerade, are currently allowed. Other sources are on a case by case basis; if you wish to draw from something, just ask. I tend to be permissive.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Pre-Play OOC. Please feel free to throw up your wildest, wooliest PC concepts for this game.

Good luck.

Game Description:

The Council of Yakima, hearing of Samuel Haight, in possession of some very likely potentially world-ending something, in the general area falling under the control of the Princedom of Columbia, has dispatched you six to find him, secure whatever potential apocalypse-initiator he is in possession of, and--given his activities on his last three visits to the Yakima Valley--eliminate him if possible.

The six of you were all that could be spared from dealing with the Sabbat push on Seattle and trying to take back the free-for-all that is Portland. A combination of members--powerful, but still not a crippling blow if lost--from the Were, Vampire, and Mage portions of the Council of Yakima, your team has had a long cross-country drive to get to know each other if you did not already...after all, cross-faction task forces to fight the threat of the week are far from unknown in the Yakima Valley.

Given a nicely-equipped (and UV-shielded) uparmored RV, whatever resources you individually have, and the wishes of good luck of the Council of Yakima, you traveled across the US and have finally arrived in Columbia, South Carolina. Now, of course, starts the fun part...

MechanicsThis is being run using Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, and Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition, as well as any of those three systems' attendant supplements. These will be high-level PCs; up to Seventh Generation for Vampire PCs, up to Arete 7 for Mage PCs, and up to Gnosis 7 & Rage 7 for Werewolf PCs. In addition, in the Character Creation thread under the Characters folder, you will find the exact ruled for creating these powerful PCs.

I would suggest reading up on the background, as things are not exactly standard World Of Darkness. The background will detail what exactly is known to the PCs, and some of the most important changes to the background. These will be under the Resources folder.

I will be accepting 6 Players and 6 PCs, although this may (although unlikely) be revisited if I have more excellent applications.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the OOC.

Quies somni solum memoriae dolorem facit.
Invitations will be issued by me at the end of the application process.

No, just any one. You only need to be able to play your PC.

This game sounds super intriguing. Would you be open to allowing an Assamite (Sorcerer Caste)? Seems like they would be fitting for the concept of the game.

Also, if Assamites are acceptable, would the game be taking place before or after the 'Schism' (And the return of Ur-Shulgi)?

@Arete Yes, go ahead and apply with it. As for the Schism, it's complicated. Assamites are again bound by a Tremere curse, so their flaw is still being poisoned by vampire Vitae and needing a ritual to drop Generation. The how and why I will put up for Assamite Applicants.

I think I recall asking this before but the question looked to have been missed, but is there much in the way that compensates for vampires being considerably weaker than both mages and werewolves as far as effectiveness in play when alongside them? That gap only gets bigger the more powerful both werewolves and mages get at that.

Vampires can take Age, which helps. Also, there are many more Vampires in this campaign. In short, there is some imbalance, but all three have weaknesses balanced by each other.

as a native to the setting location in question.... I kind of really want to apply for this... but I've yet to be able to actually take a deep dive into learning how to play anything world of darkness based just because there currently are not active group of players in the city that I could join to learn how to play .... any chance I could possibly ask to be a reader for this game in order to at least enjoy the story and see how this shakes out based on curiosity?

@Sage20500 I actually lived in Lexington for high school and graduated from LHS, so I know the area decently. And are you sure you want to just Read? If you would like, I can help you put together an Application. If it doesn't make it, then I'll make you a Reader. That work?


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