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Shadows Beneath the Waves

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Setting:The majority of the sentient races of the sea have their own version of what transpired before, during, and after the flood. It is important to note that the flood was a catastrophic event even for the denizens of the sea. All races, with perhaps the karkanaks as an exception, were seriously uprooted at the very least. Most suffered serious loss and casualties. In the time of the flood, millions of sea creatures clamored for shallower shores. All would agree that the new world was birthed in crimson waters. Generally good races turned to their more primal survival instincts to endure. Few are proud of this time in history, and fewer still actively recount the happenings of these dark times.

Continents were replaced by scattered islands and the endless blue. Land bound races were wiped from the world, only some of those that already survived in a semiaquatic existence managed to make it through the watery cataclysm. Most of the fauna went the same route of existence. The mostly deserted islands only seem to cater to smaller creatures and sea birds. Many of the islands remain uncharted and unexplored, of little interest to the sea folk.

The flood is close to three hundred years past, and most of the world remains in a state of peace. The majority of the surviving races were among those that were never very hostile in the first place. The deep drow seemed to have survived, not that anyone has seen a living member of that race but occasionally a corpse will drift out of the depths, somehow bypassing scavengers to make it into the shallows. They were relatively easy to avoid, as long as you never dive too deep.

PrologueYour parents are planning a get-together with all the other families whose children are graduating from basic studies (early schooling). The graduating students were tasked with catching one Boil Crab each, a shellfish that is considered a delicacy by many races. They are known to frequent the shaded areas of the reef that sits less than a mile north of the city. Your characters all know each other already, having attended school together and likely friends even outside of school.

Main Game:Six years after the events of the prologue. Now considered adults, the group of friends reunites for what is called Refinement. Those children that have finished their mentorship are sent into the wider world to experience more of what life has to offer and is considered a form of enlightenment. Tradition requires that you head to Aciolora, the nearest large city, and spend at least six months in a form of exile. Once you make it to Aciolora you are free to go where you please, but you cannot return home.

Aciolora is several hundred miles west of your hometown, named Flotsam, but still along the same string of islands. The larger city is said to be a sight to behold, magically grown right from the coral of a reef. Your own home was built on the ruins of a surface city that has long since lost its old name. The fresh faces that set out on Refinement donít always return, either finding a new life elsewhere or perishing somewhere along the way. Those that do return to Flotsam often bring new friends back with them.

Game Description:

About:If it wasn't obvious already, this is a campaign that takes place almost entirely underwater.

This game will have players start as young tweens around the ages of 11-14 for a short prologue. Everyone will start as the same class, a level 1 NPC commoner class but with a d8 hit die. All the characters should already know each other. They are related, live in the same neighborhood, attend the same class at school, or all of the above. After the intro is over there will be a bit of a skip forward in time with the players now around 17-20 years old, and level 2 in a normal PC class. I decided to do this for a few reasons. One, it will allow us to play out an event that occurred in the character's past that will affect events in the character's future. Two, it should be fun, which is the whole point of this game. Three, it will allow a simpler beginning to make the game more accessible to those that don't have the setting information. Three and half, once characters are selected I can make more information available.

The prologue shouldn't be very long. It's really just one major event and done. Though, I suppose it could be stretched out if the players really get into role-playing.

After the prologue is finished the players more or less go their separate ways. Their basic studies may be finished but now they enter a new program where they split into smaller groups based on competencies. Those students that show a proclivity for arcane magic study under an established mage. Martial students spend their time as interns at the cityís garrison. A mixed class character, such as a magus, might spend time split between mentors. These are just a few examples. This part is not played through; it is just to give you an idea of what your character was up to during the jump in time.

Once you set off for Aciolora the game becomes rather sandbox-y, but there remains an underlying story that will unfold no matter where the group goes or does.
Disclaimer:I do lean heavily on the Cerulean Seas campaign setting but not everything is the same. Those that have the setting books may notice some lore being altered, some races missing, etc. These are for the most part intentional.

This is my first time creating a homebrew adventure, previously I have only done pre-made Adventure Paths.
Posting rate and due date:I will probably post somewhere around three times per week, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on players or current situation.

Due date: Currently set for 1/11/2019 due to the holidays to give more people a chance.

Been looking forward to this ever since the interest thread. I'm super glad you went with the underwater setting, and I cant wait to start digging in!

While I kinda wish you were allowing a slightly higher starting level, I LOVE the fact that the game will start with our characters being kids together. I really enjoy that sort of 'blue booking' backstory for a really sets the tone and gives the characters a commonality, even if they all go their separate ways after the event and then meet up years later.

It does have the side effect of limiting races somewhat. I guess in this setting sea elves age normally and just live longer, but my favorite Cerulean Seas race, the Nommos, don't look like they'd work.

Still have about two weeks left before the application process closes. Newer players are welcome.

I know nothing about Cerulean Seas, but this does sound quite interesting (I'm a huge fan of 'commoner start' adventures). Hopefully I can get an app thrown in in the next few days!

One week left before the application window closes. Still plenty of classes/niches/races without applicants.

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