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Salt in Wounds

Salt in Wounds - Forum

Salt in Wounds

The Premise

The Salt in Wounds is a city in the world of Synoma. A city unlike many others, The Salt in Wounds city is built upon the body of the Tarrasque.

The Kaiju Tarrasque was rampaging through the countryside until many kingdoms launched an army led by 13 heroes. Each of these heroes, had a special ballista with a harpoon that would allow to bind and slay the beast. The beast was defeated and bound by the harpoons. It still couldn't be killed with armies and the likes, low on food, many thoughts of simply using the regenerating flesh of the Tarrasque as food.

They left behind 13 aristocratic houses to lead. Each of these 13 aristocratic houses knows the command word for a harpoon binding the Tarrasque and use this to hold power over the rest of the population.

Little by little, they built a fortress on top of the Tarrasque, feeding the population and conquering the nearby settlements. They first enslaved the native stone giants after a short war, to help them build the fortress and upgrade fortification and killed most of the male orcs in the nearby settlements. They took the orcs females as concubines and slaves as their prize for these conquests.

Waves of immigrants escaping famine and others troubles came to the city, for the cheap food and many alchemists keep experimenting on the flesh and blood of the tarrasque, to make all kind of reagents.

In recent history, the tail of the Tarrasque, was briefly released, causing a huge catastrophe...the year is 277 AB (After Binding), The City of Salt in Wounds is a weird evil prosperous Metropolis built around the constant butchery of the Tarrasque.

The Basics:
  • Food is cheap, sometimes even free, clean water is expensive
  • Terrifying drugs, mutations, monsters, Torture, and crime are the new normal...not so much any law enforcement here
  • Animals that mostly rely on water are luxuries. Axebeaks, various lizards and other birds are the most common animals.
  • Ghoulification is legal. Ghouls are considered citizen and as you can imagine, eat a great amount of Tarrasque Flesh to stay sane.
  • Paladins, rangers, and druids tend to not be welcome in the city or at least they operate covertly.

Making an adventurer for Salt in Wounds

Number of players: Seeking Five adventurers for this grotesque Urban Campaign.

Races: The city doesn't have huge issues with most races and some monsters are even working openly in the city. The most common races are Humans, half-Elves, Duergar, Half-Orcs, Gnomes, Haflings, Ghouls, tieflings, grippli and agogi.

Alignment: While the leadership and government of the city is considered Evil, most people are neutral. There are exceptional good individuals, trying to put down the status quo, but they are rarer.

Level: 1

Ability Scores: 20 point buy

  • All Pathfinder Official classes
  • Unchained and Legendary classes including their legendary hybrid classes are available. Legendary Classes are from Legendary games.
  • Akashic Mysteries, DSP Psionics are available.
  • Options available from Carving up the Tarrasque and Corruption of the Tarrasque
  • Open Design/Kobold Press: Deep Magic with errata and New Paths Compendium Expanded edition options are available as well.
  • No Spheres, No Path of War stuffs

    Background Skills

    Traits: 2, no drawbacks.

    House Rules:
  • Group Initiative (PC vs Enemy side)
  • Combat Stamina is a free feat for Fighter. Other classes can take the feat.

Getting the Party Started

Your party have been hired to retrieve a young woman, Aisha, from a poor family and missing after her visit to the Grub House, the worst eatery in the Tail Stones. Retrieving her by any means necessary is your main goal.

For questions, such as religious beliefs in the City, or other concerns, visit the Butcher Shop.

Game Description:

Welcome to Salt in Wounds, a city built upon the Tarrasque.

wow, this is quite the setting. I'll put in an app.

A Tengu can be a pretty dangerous melee investigator, and they're pretty terrific for a Magus (I believe they're the preferred race for the Kensai Magus builds).

I'm going with a Ratfolk Alchemist myself.

I realize that this question is completely contrary to the spirit of the setting, but I just have to ask: who feeds the unconscious Tarrasque, and how? Starvation damage can't be healed by regeneration. Once it starves, it dies, and then it stops regenerating.

Could you feed it itself? being a magical beast capable of regenerating itself might make up for the inefficiency of eating oneself for food.

Alright let's entertain this question:

The Tarrasque Death doesn't stop the Tarrasque in pathfinder. He dies and come back to life again, 3 rounds later (15 sec) and stop taking damage from anything that did kill him. So it restores the counter of Starvation again and with his massive con, it would take awhile again for the Tarrasque to die, probably even weeks.

Granted a special unique ability of the Tarrasque, no other creatures has the caveat of resetting everything after death, when they come back to life.

Killing the Tarrasque permanently in pathfinder is intentionally made to be GM fiat.

@Djacob91: Yeah it's possible also to feed it, its own meat. If the starvation somehow bothers someone.

Also a weird quirk of the rules, the actual regeneration ability means that starvation damage isn't healed by the ability BUT they're only allowed to actually die after taking the damage types needed to turn off the regeneration for that round - Creatures with regeneration won't heal the starvation damage, but that's separate to "cannot die as long as their regeneration is still functioning", which technically is only done through the required damage types.

Starvation also doesn't have an inherent automatic killing effect built in in that respect, but 99.5% of the time, it wouldn't need one - Starvation deals damage, but what doesn't die when they hit -10 hp? Ah... any creature with regeneration that hasn't been hit with their weakness that turn.

Very I have no mouth and I must scream.

It used to be a big debate on Paizo forums, starvation vs regeneration but well the staff has embraced that starvation does kill Trolls. As described in Monster Codex, Trolls are listed as dying of starvation in their expanded description. I don't think that I have seen any other creatures listed as dying from starvation, but well, can at least say that people bringing up that point has a precedent.

Originally Posted by Rogers View Post
Yeah it's possible also to feed it, its own meat. If the starvation somehow bothers someone.
as soon as I read that, I envisioned a secretive cult of chefs devoted to cooking Tarrasque steaks to feed to the Tarrasque in obscure cultist rituals to prevent Tarrasquegadon

Originally Posted by Spaceace View Post
as soon as I read that, I envisioned a secretive cult of chefs devoted to cooking Tarrasque steaks to feed to the Tarrasque in obscure cultist rituals to prevent Tarrasquegadon
It would be pretty amusing, to say the least.


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