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Players of Older D&D and Clones

Anyone looking for an AD&D dungeon-crawl, I'm going to be running a Forgotten Realms - Ruins of Undermountain game. The ad has just gone up and can be found HERE.

Hello! Looking for AD&D 2e DM

Hello all! Me and my friend are currently looking for a very experienced 2e AD&D DM that could teach us the ropes of 2E and play weekly (once or twice every week). We are both really quick learners and wont be much of a nuisance at all, we are both very familiar with 3.5 and we've been playing 3.5 for years together now. We are wanting to change up the atmosphere and try out a different system, so we decided that 2E looked very promising. We may or may not have a 3rd player, he's played 2e before and has over 30+ years of playing D&D, it just all depends on his schedule. We normally play on roll20 and use the fancy maps and tokens but that's not needed. We prefer to talk through skype/discord.

Hey I just wanted to stop by and apologize to my fellow old schoolers for the BECMI game I false started on early this year (this one). Life intruded, I got derailed... not what I intended. I've had PbP games that have lasted literally years.

Anyway... hope to make up for it some day. Maybe resurrect that game if the players are still interested when I have time. It was going to be freaking awesome.

As one of the players, No worries man. Real life happens. Hopefully all is quieted down for you. Probably my fault anyway, I never get to play an elf for more than a week or two.


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