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List of Traveller and 2300AD players

Originally Posted by Hardwire View Post
I think I will just leave well enough alone. With a 1 dex, 6 str, 6 End I don't wish to continue. The character is totally hosed.
Ah well, death in character generation is hardly unknown in Traveller!

I'd just re-roll him, but that's me.

Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
We currently have [B]29/B] Traveller Players on the list!
It's starting to look like a list already.

Please, when posting interest in this thread, let us know whether the following is true:
  1. You'd play any edition of Traveller (If not, which editions are fine?)
  2. You need no help to create a character in the following editions (obviously you can be fine with editions you don't have the corebook for).
  3. You're fine with all versions of the setting.
  4. You're accepting PMs with invitations to play.
  5. You're willing to Referee if a group can be found.
  6. You'd accept PMs with invitations to check a "Referee wanted" thread.
That would be your Universal Forum Profile.
Of course, you can post again to mention any changes in your UFP.
1. yes, definitely
2. might need just a bit of double checking, depending on edition
3. yes
4. sure
5. not up to speed to GM
6. no point at this time

addendum = not familiar with mercator, but would be willing to play in other settings with T rules


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