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Hey there ~

Hey there ~

Hey there people, I'm just a long time RPG fan that grew up with computer and console RPGs until I found the joy of play by post gaming in my early high school years. While I did not really play in a PbP for a long time, they eventually lead me to discovering tabletop RPGs at the end of high school, and I've been playing tabletop since.

Well I say that like that is a long time, but that only means I've been playing for 4 years, so I'm fairly new to the role play thing. When I stumbled on this site I definitely did not think I would be going back to PbP, however I quickly saw a game that piqued my interest and applied to it...

Whether I get through that game's application or not, I think I will be sticking around this forum for a while. So hope to get along and get to know you people!

Welcome @MirageOwl!

You may want to review the New to Play by Post section, to see how we do PbP. It may be different than what you are used to. You may also want to review out Site Rules.

How things work here, is GMs will post an advertisement fot the game they want to run in the Games and Ads section. Interested players will then apply. There are usually some guidelines for creating your character, what sourcebooks you can use, any house rules you should be aware of. Pay attention to them. Popular games like D&D 3.5 and 5E, and Pathfinder can get a lot of applicants, and one way GMs will weed through applications is to look for missing information, or incomplete characters. So read the character creation guidelines carefully. Also, check what characters others are applying with. If everyone is making fighting and sneaking type characters, you may be better off playing a spellcaster.

Some information on the site, check out this information on bbCode Help, and this one on Die Roller Help. Another great way to meet people and possibly get game is on our MW Official Discord.

Don't discount games you have not heard of. My favorite game systems have arisen from here from someone mentioning a game I had no knowledge of, me going to google it, and shortly after downloading it.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

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