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Hiya! I'm Daisy, and I was introduced by someone who didn't tell me her username (angry @ you)

haha jk, but yeah. So I got my character sorted out, n all the like attacks and stuff, and the book and such. So ye, thats abt it!

Welcome to the Weave, @Doggsterrr !

First of all, this is what we call a Play-by-Post forum. It's a rather unusual medium for playing tabletop RPGs, as it's an asynchronous medium. Meaning that you can post your characters actions regardless of time of day/night, and people can respond on their own time. There's more to it than that, but you'll figure it out with some time and experience.

While it's nice that you have a character worked out, the problem here is that you don't have a game for that character. The solution to that is to look in our Games and Ads section, where GMs will post recruitment ads for their games. Joining a game is a bit of a process, and depending on the system used (and we have a wide variety of options), this can get a bit on the competitive side.

Which brings us to the first question for you, the newcomer - what system(s) are you interested in playing? We have a large following of D&D 5e and Pathfinder, but you'll find a whole lot of almost everything being offered at some point or another. In fact, I always recommend looking at anything that interests you, or even stuff outside of your normal system.

Regardless of what you look into playing, make sure you check whatever character creation rules the GM posts - sometimes it's not the standard for a game, and there may be some house rules to look out for. Also, read whatever setting info they've posted, which will help you integrate your character into the setting of the game. It'll help your chances of being accepted.

Lastly, before I leave you to explore our wonderful community, feel free to join our Discord Channel. It's a great place to chat it up with your fellow MW'ers, learn the ropes, and make some friends. Just... Watch for the welcoming harpoons.

If you have any questions, do hesitate to ask!

Welcome @Doggsterrr!

Yamazaki covered most of it. There's some other stuff you'll probably want to know at some point, but no need to load you all up for bear on your first day.

Like Yakazaki said, you'll want to look at a game to apply for before making a character. GM's sometime have peculiar house rules and requests for character creation. If you are trying to get into a popular game system, like 5E or Pathfinder, the competition can be steep, and you will want to follow the GMs instructions carefully.

So, tell us what are you looking for here?

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