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It's probably fine?

It's probably fine?

Hi, everyone. I'm Viola. I'm new here (I guess that's a redundant statement, but it seems to be the thing to do). Not sure what else to put here... I'm here to get my fix of RPGs while my irl gaming groups are on their downtimes, etc. So... hi~!

@Viola welcome to the Weave, I just joined last year and it takes a bit to figure things out and join games, but its worth it. I hope you can find a game soon

Welcome @Viola !

Now, you didn't mention if you're new to Play-by-Post or not, but for the sake over covering my butt, I'll explain a few things. PbP is what we call 'Asynchronous', meaning that everyone playing may not be online at the same time. That's the main advantage of PbP - you can post at your leisure! It is, unfortunately, a slower medium than others, but that gives you more time to think things over, check rules, and flex your creativity.

Anyhow, your first step is to give our Games and Ads section a look over. You'll find all sorts of games recruiting there. Most games have something of a process when it comes to accepting players, so you'll want to check out their particular details.

Myth-Weavers has a wide variety of options in regards to systems and playstyles. You'll find that D&D 5e and Pathfinder are the most popular options around here, but don't be afraid to look into pretty much everything else. The less popular options are usually quite happy to bring in newbies, so if something catches your attention, don't be afraid to apply!

That said, what sorts of games/systems are you interested in playing?

Also, I recommend getting chatty through out the forums or even dropping by our Discord Channel. Just watch out for those welcoming harpoons - they're harmless... mostly

If you have any questions, let us know! Don't be afraid to ask, either - we do our best to help people out.


Thanks! I've done a bit of PbP (mostly on like... forum games and such), so I'm sure I'll figure it out pretty quickly.

As for the sorts of games, I've played a fair few systems. Mostly 5e, 4e and 3.X, but I've dabbled in Savage Worlds, WoD, and a few more obscure ones. I'm more than happy to play any system, really. As I said, I'm here to get my fix throughout the week between my regular irl gaming sessions.

Hi @Viola and welcome to the Weave!

With all those different systems, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding interesting games to apply for. There are a huge bunch of creative and wonderful people here to play with, and the PbP format should sit pretty well with you.

Like Yamazaki said, checking out the Games and Ads section is a solid way to get started. The discord is nice too

Have fun~!

EDIT: Just remembered, in addition to the normal ads, you might also want to check out the Game Planning Thread. Sometimes dm's don't put up ads, but pick players who have shown interest beforehand. It's also a great way to get an early start on some games

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