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Back from the grave

Back from the grave

So i think I've been gone for what? three years? Anyway I figured I'd see if the site is still active and if anyone is still running Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 games around here. Hopefully there's some old faces I still recognize around.

Holy Shit you're alive!!!!! Welcome Back! There's plenty of PF to be found and a bit of 3.5 as well!

I'm not sure I'd go as far as claiming to be alive. More like a well preserved zombie or lich.

Welcome back. Of course people are still running and playing 3.5 and PF. They are som eof our most popular games.

Well 3.5 is pretty old now so I wasn't going to assume things just in case people moved on. But I do still love the hulking monstrosity of rules.

I recognize your name as well. Not sure if we ever played together, but I'm sure we've crossed paths on the forum. Good to see so many familiar faces.

The level adjustment is worth it for the millenia of dice-rolling you get to do as a lich. Welcome back!


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